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Members: Sky Blu, Redfoo

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Lil' Jon 'Drink' music video Drink (2012)
Lil' Jon
Featured Artist
LMFAO 'Sorry For Party Rocking' music video Sorry For Party Rocking (2012) Artist
LMFAO 'Party Rock Anthem' music video Party Rock Anthem (2011) Artist
LMFAO 'Sexy and I Know It' music video Sexy and I Know It (2011) Artist
LMFAO 'Champagne Showers' music video Champagne Showers (2011) Artist
LMFAO 'One Day' music video One Day (2011) Artist
LMFAO 'Yes' music video Yes (2010) Artist
David Guetta 'Gettin' Over You' music video Gettin' Over You (2010)
David Guetta
Featured Artist
The Crystal Method 'Sine Language' music video Sine Language (2010)
The Crystal Method
Featured Artist
Lil' Jon 'Outta Your Mind' music video Outta Your Mind (2010)
Lil' Jon
Featured Artist
Dirt Nasty 'I Can't Dance' music video I Can't Dance (2010)
Dirt Nasty
Featured Artist
LMFAO 'La La La' music video La La La (2009) Artist
LMFAO 'Shots' music video Shots (2009) Artist
LMFAO 'I'm In Miami Trick' music video I'm In Miami Trick (2009) Artist
David Rush 'SHOOTING STARS' music video SHOOTING STARS (2008)
David Rush
Featured Artist
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