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Lil' Jon 'Alive' music video Alive (2018) Directors: Elliott Sellers, Erik Ferguson
Production Company: Doomsday Entertainment
Lil' Jon 'Bend Ova' music video Bend Ova (2014) Director: Darren Craig
Production Company: The Uprising Creative
Lil' Jon 'Drink' music video Drink (2012) Director: Ballard C. Boy
Lil' Jon 'Hey' music video Hey (2010)
Lil' Jon 'Outta Your Mind' music video Outta Your Mind (2010) Director: David Rousseau
Lil' Jon 'Ms. Chocolate' music video Ms. Chocolate (2009) Director: Mickey Finnegan
Lil' Jon 'Give It All U Got' music video Give It All U Got (2009)
Lil' Jon 'Snap Yo Fingers' music video Snap Yo Fingers (2006) Director: Hype Williams
Lil' Jon 'What You Gon Do' music video What You Gon Do (2004) Director: Gil Green
Production Company: Partizan
Lil' Jon 'Put Yo Hood Up' music video Put Yo Hood Up (2001) Director: Bryan Barber
Lil' Jon 'Roll Call' music video Roll Call Director: Dave Meyers
Lil' Jon 'Get Low' music video Get Low

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