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Italian rock band formed in Rome in 2016. Their international breakthrough ensued when the foursome won the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 for Italy with the song "Zitti e buoni".


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Måneskin 'The Loneliest' music video The Loneliest (2022) Director: Tommaso Ottomano
Production Company: Withstand Film
Måneskin 'If I Can Dream' music video If I Can Dream (2022)
Måneskin 'Supermodel' music video Supermodel (2022) Director: Bedroom
Production Company: COMPULSORY
Måneskin 'MAMMAMIA' music video MAMMAMIA (2021) Director: Rei Nadal
Production Company: Prettybird
Måneskin 'I Wanna Be Your Slave' music video I Wanna Be Your Slave (2021) Director: Simone Bozzelli
Production Company: Think Cattleya
Måneskin 'Zitti e Buoni' music video Zitti e Buoni (2021) Director: Simone Peluso
Production Company: Maestro Production
Co-Director: Luca Boarelli
Måneskin 'Vent’anni' music video Vent’anni (2020) Director: Giulio Rosati
Production Company: Borotalco.tv
Måneskin 'Le parole lontane' music video Le parole lontane (2019) Director: Giacomo Triglia
Production Company: Borotalco.tv
Måneskin 'L'altra dimensione' music video L'altra dimensione (2019) Directors: Antonio Usbergo, Niccolò Celaia
Production Companies: Borotalco.tv, Mp Film
Måneskin 'Fear for Nobody' music video Fear for Nobody (2019) Directors: Riccardo Paoletti, Corrado Serri
Production Company: Noura/Silver Productions
Måneskin 'Torna a casa' music video Torna a casa (2018) Director: Giacomo Triglia
Production Company: Tycho Studio
Måneskin 'Morirò da re' music video Morirò da re (2018) Directors: Antonio Usbergo, Niccolò Celaia
Production Companies: YouNuts! & Lebonski, Maestro Production
Måneskin 'Chosen' music video Chosen (2017) Production Company: Fremantle Media
Director: Trilathera
Måneskin 'Recovery' music video Recovery (2017) Director: Chiara Iannotta

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