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Powerwolf 'Dancing with the Dead' music video Dancing with the Dead (2021)
The Smashing Pumpkins 'Silvery Sometimes (Ghosts)' music video Silvery Sometimes (Ghosts) (2018)
The Smashing Pumpkins
Director: Billy Corgan
Production Company: Strawberry Blank Assassin Production
Dee Snider 'Become The Storm' music video Become The Storm (2018)
Dee Snider
Director: Douglas Quill
Moonspell 'In Tremor Dei' music video In Tremor Dei (2017)
Director: Miguel Braga
Delain 'Suckerpunch' music video Suckerpunch (2016)
Director: Patric Ullaeus
Production Company: rEvolver
Megaherz 'Einsam' music video Einsam (2016)
Production Company: AVA Studios
Moonspell 'Domina' music video Domina (2015)
Director: Victor Castro
Sirenia 'Once My Light' music video Once My Light (2015)
Production Company: iCODE Team
Moonspell 'Extinct' music video Extinct (2015)
Director: Victor Castro
Megaherz 'Für Immer' music video Für Immer (2014)
Production Company: AVA Studios
Delain 'Stardust' music video Stardust (2014)
Director: Oliver Sommer
Production Company: AVA Studios
Russkaja 'Barada' music video Barada (2013)
Director: Andrej Schewerdin
Saltatio Mortis 'Früher war alles besser' music video Früher war alles besser (2013)
Saltatio Mortis
Director: Oliver Sommer
Production Company: AVA Studios
Monster Magnet 'Mindless Ones' music video Mindless Ones (2013)
Monster Magnet
Director: Tom Scharpling
Production Company: Production Company Productions
Huntress 'Zenith' music video Zenith (2013)
Director: Phil Mucci
Production Company: Doomsday Entertainment
Skálmöld 'Gleipnir' music video Gleipnir (2013)
Director: Bowen Staines
Production Company: Don't Panic Films
End Of Green 'De(ad)generation' music video De(ad)generation (2013)
End Of Green
Saltatio Mortis 'Wachstum Über Alles' music video Wachstum Über Alles (2013)
Saltatio Mortis
Director: Oliver Sommer
Production Company: AVA Studios
Powerwolf 'Amen & Attack' music video Amen & Attack (2013)
Venomous Maximus 'Moonchild' music video Moonchild (2013)
Venomous Maximus
Director: Bryan Forrester
FEJD 'Den Skimrande' music video Den Skimrande (2013)
Director: Mathias Hjelm
F.K.Ü. 'Black Hole Hell' music video Black Hole Hell (2013)
Director: Juppi Juppsen
Tiamat 'Love Terrorists' music video Love Terrorists (2013)
Directors: Johan Edlund, Ioanna Lampropoulou
Atrocity 'Pandæmonium' music video Pandæmonium (2013)
Director: Rainer ZIPP Fränzen
Production Company: Und Action!
The Sorrow 'Retracing Memories' music video Retracing Memories (2013)
The Sorrow
Director: Bernd Levay
Mortillery 'F.O.A.D.' music video F.O.A.D. (2013)
Director: Doug Cook
Gloryhammer 'Angus McFife' music video Angus McFife (2013)
Director: Oliver Sommer
Production Company: AVA Studios
Ex Deo 'The Tiberius Cliff (Exile To Capri)' music video The Tiberius Cliff (Exile To Capri) (2013)
Ex Deo
Beyond All Recognition 'True Story' music video True Story (2012)
Beyond All Recognition
Moonspell 'White Skies' music video White Skies (2012)
Director: Victor Castro
Moonspell 'Lickanthrope' music video Lickanthrope (2012)
Director: Felipe Melo
Liv Kristine 'Paris Paris' music video Paris Paris (2012)
Liv Kristine
Director: Patric Ullaeus
Leaves' Eyes 'To France' music video To France (2011)
Leaves' Eyes
Director: Patric Ullaeus
Monster Magnet 'Gods and Punks' music video Gods and Punks (2010)
Monster Magnet
Director: Nathan Cox
Jungle Rot 'Worst Case Scenario' music video Worst Case Scenario (2010)
Jungle Rot
Production Company: VISION 4 FILMS
Grave Digger 'Highland Farewell' music video Highland Farewell (2010)
Grave Digger
Director: Geoff Cockwill
Production Company: Silvertip Films
Co-Director: Sacha Moore
Xandria 'Nightfall' music video Nightfall

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