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Nick Cannon 'Pajama Pants' music video Pajama Pants (2015) Artist
Nick Cannon 'Looking For A Dream' music video Looking For A Dream (2014) Artist
Nick Cannon 'Dance Floor' music video Dance Floor (2014) Artist
Nick Cannon 'Shake It Like A White Lady' music video Shake It Like A White Lady (2013) Artist
Nick Cannon 'Me Sexy' music video Me Sexy (2013) Artist
Nick Cannon 'Dime Piece' music video Dime Piece (2006) Artist
Lil' Romeo 'Parents Just Don't Understand' music video Parents Just Don't Understand (2001)
Lil' Romeo
Featured Artist

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Directorial (6)


Mariah Carey 'Love Story' music video Love Story (2009)
Mariah Carey
Appearance 'Yes We Can' music video Yes We Can (2008)
Mariah Carey 'Bye Bye' music video Bye Bye (2008)
Mariah Carey
Appearance as Himself
Aaliyah 'Miss You' music video Miss You (2002)

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