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Radar is an award-winning network of over 3,000 labels & artists worldwide. We help music video directors get commissions & progress their professional careers. We specialise in music videos between $800 and $8,000 and never promote 'make for free'.



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Her Magic Wand 'Everything At Once' music video Everything At Once (2015)
Her Magic Wand
Director: Joseph Wright
Adem (2) 'Surrounded' music video Surrounded (2015)
Adem (2)
Director: Simon Dymond
Tenterhook 'Stereo' music video Stereo (2014)
Director: Jessica Hughes
Checaine 'Timebomb' music video Timebomb (2014)
Director: Tribe Films
Bop 'Lucid Dreaming' music video Lucid Dreaming (2014)
Director: Kenny Frankland
The Lighthouse and the Whaler 'Venice' music video Venice (2014)
The Lighthouse and the Whaler
Director: Jack Munsch
Production Company: FAZE ONE Media
Corbu 'Believe The Lie' music video Believe The Lie (2014)
Director: Javier Longobardo
Tasha the Amazon 'Cry of The Warrior' music video Cry of The Warrior (2014)
Tasha the Amazon
Director: Colin G Cooper
MUST DIE! 'Culture' music video Culture (2014)
Director: Josef J. Weber
Tom Williams & The Boat 'All Day' music video All Day (2014)
Tom Williams & The Boat
Director: Abbie Brandon
Kari Rueslåtten 'Rainy Days Ahead' music video Rainy Days Ahead (2014)
Kari Rueslåtten
Director: Tom Murray
Production Company: Tactic Films
DeLooze 'Deathstar' music video Deathstar (2014)
Director: Ben Goodger
Marc Ford 'Blue Sky' music video Blue Sky (2014)
Marc Ford
Director: David N. Donihue
Ghost Culture 'Giudecca' music video Giudecca (2014)
Ghost Culture
Director: Lewis Lloyd
Fred V & Grafix 'Recognise' music video Recognise (2014)
Fred V & Grafix
Director: Gustavo Arteaga
Polar Bear 'Be Free' music video Be Free (2014)
Polar Bear
Director: Jacek Zmarz
Empire Circus 'All I Need' music video All I Need (2014)
Empire Circus
Director: Dawn Bierschwal
Production Company: Whip Smart Productions
Robert Bearsby 'This Ain't The Easy Life' music video This Ain't The Easy Life (2014)
Robert Bearsby
Director: David Tomlin
Kubalove 'All I Want' music video All I Want (2014)
Director: Susie Francis
Production Company: 890 Productions
The Prototypes 'Pale Blue Dot' music video Pale Blue Dot (2014)
The Prototypes
Director: Yousef
Moon Bounce 'Shake' music video Shake (2014)
Moon Bounce
Director: Andrea Youth
Ella on The Run 'Golden Boys' music video Golden Boys (2014)
Ella on The Run
Director: Rafe Gibbons
Production Companies: Tribe Films, Haus Pictures
The Simpletone 'Rich Man Sick Man' music video Rich Man Sick Man (2014)
The Simpletone
Director: Ciroayala
Production Company: Provoke Films
Kilto Take 'Defection' music video Defection (2014)
Kilto Take
Production Company: Nut Films
Public Service Broadcasting 'Everest' music video Everest (2014)
Public Service Broadcasting
Director: Assaf Hayut
Thom Cross 'Heavy Sea' music video Heavy Sea (2014)
Thom Cross
Director: Phoebe Hartley
Lacey 'Cave In' music video Cave In (2014)
Director: Dare
Echaskech 'Form I Function' music video Form I Function (2014)
Director: Graham Smith
Savage Messiah 'Hellblazer' music video Hellblazer (2014)
Savage Messiah
Director: Tom Walsh
Production Company: Polymath Pictures
Canterbury 'Think It Over' music video Think It Over (2014)
Director: Nate Camponi
Longfellow 'Siamese Lover' music video Siamese Lover (2014)
Director: Steve Glashier
Dukes Avenue 'Beautiful Girl' music video Beautiful Girl (2014)
Dukes Avenue
Director: Simon Dymond
TST & Alvaro 'Out of Control' music video Out of Control (2013)
TST & Alvaro
Director: Michael Evans
Little Bear 'Night Dries Like Ink' music video Night Dries Like Ink (2013)
Little Bear
Director: Samuel Steele
Omar 'Treat You' music video Treat You (2013)
Directors: Jack Benson, Rafael Gibbons
Production Company: Nut Films
Adam Jensen 'The Kid' music video The Kid (2013)
Adam Jensen
Director: Max Webb
Sweet Gum Tree & Isobel Campbell 'Bird of Passage' music video Bird of Passage (2013)
Sweet Gum Tree & Isobel Campbell
Director: Steve Glashier
Kilter 'Hold Me' music video Hold Me (2013)
Director: Simon Dymond
Orla Gartland 'Clueless' music video Clueless (2013)
Orla Gartland
Director: Yousef
weloveyouwinona 'Anyway' music video Anyway (2013)
Director: Jamie Muir
Production Company: Kode Media
Tripnotic 'Tricky Three' music video Tricky Three (2013)
Director: Amber Moelter
Ghost Culture 'Mouth' music video Mouth (2013)
Ghost Culture
Director: Lewis Lloyd
Toploader 'This Is The Night' music video This Is The Night (2013)
Director: Jack Delaney
Sway 'Wake Up' music video Wake Up (2013)
Director: Jack Delaney
Production Company: Haus Pictures
Matrix & Futurebound 'Control' music video Control (2013)
Matrix & Futurebound
Director: Jonathan Irwin
Jeff Jones 'Soul Healing Love' music video Soul Healing Love (2013)
Jeff Jones
Director: Ross Aitken
Production Company: Ikonic Films
Orla Gartland 'Roots' music video Roots (2013)
Orla Gartland
Director: Yousef
Dismantle 'Round and Round' music video Round and Round (2013)
Director: Well Plastic
Stose 'Misfits' music video Misfits (2013)
Director: Ash Innovator
Robbie Boyd 'Under My Skin' music video Under My Skin (2013)
Robbie Boyd
Director: Tommy Vaznelis
Production Company: Speeding Films
Metropolis America 'A Stolen Heart In A Stolen Car' music video A Stolen Heart In A Stolen Car (2013)
Metropolis America
Director: Matej Valtr
Ardeem 'Save You' music video Save You (2013)
Director: Alex Taylor
Production Company: Cosmic Joke
Blank Maps 'Lucky Dip' music video Lucky Dip (2013)
Blank Maps
Director: Edward Drake
BZZZ 'Can't Stop Running' music video Can't Stop Running (2013)
Director: Mark J. Blackman
Production Company: Joker's Pack Productions LTD
Max Raptor 'England Breathes' music video England Breathes (2013)
Max Raptor
Production Company: Kode Media
Director: Lewis Cater
Public Service Broadcasting 'Theme From PSB' music video Theme From PSB (2013)
Public Service Broadcasting
Director: Robin Brunson
The Others 'One Man Show' music video One Man Show (2013)
The Others
Director: Ryan Owen Eddleston
DeLooze 'Lost Army' music video Lost Army (2013)
Director: Anthony Furlong
Visage 'Dreamer I Know' music video Dreamer I Know (2013)
Director: Armando
Production Company: Kinetic Image
Sworn Amongst 'Ruins Of Our Own Construction' music video Ruins Of Our Own Construction (2013)
Sworn Amongst
Director: Mike Coggan
Sirsy 'Lionheart' music video Lionheart (2013)
Director: Anton Octavian
Omar 'The Man' music video The Man (2013)
Director: Robin Brunson
The Jar Family 'Machine' music video Machine (2013)
The Jar Family
Director: Gavin Randall
Andrew Bayer 'Lose Sight' music video Lose Sight (2013)
Andrew Bayer
Director: Cz?owiek Kamera
Press To Meco 'Affinity' music video Affinity (2013)
Press To Meco
Director: Lewis Cater
Helen Austin 'Lovely' music video Lovely (2013)
Helen Austin
Director: Joe Osborn
Production Company: Guns For Hire Film
ArtOfficial 'Black Birds' music video Black Birds (2013)
Director: Tom Jackson
Production Company: RamJam
Glasvegas 'I'd Rather Be Dead (Than Be With You)' music video I'd Rather Be Dead (Than Be With You) (2013)
Director: James Allan
Co-Director: Rob Hackett
Alt-J 'Breezeblocks' music video Breezeblocks (2012)
Director: Ellis Bahl
Production Company: Project Fathom
Archangel 'Do It Again' music video Do It Again (2009)
Director: Henry Scholfield
Production Company: Partizan
Ekat Bork 'On My Moon' music video On My Moon
Ekat Bork
Director: Ed Lilly

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