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Rae Morris 'No Woman Is an Island' music video No Woman Is an Island (2022) Director: Noel Paul
Rae Morris 'Fish n Chips' music video Fish n Chips (2021)
Rae Morris 'Someone Out There' music video Someone Out There (2018) Director: That Go
Rae Morris 'Atletico' music video Atletico (2017) Director: Noel Paul
Rae Morris 'Do It' music video Do It (2017) Director: Noel Paul
Rae Morris 'Reborn' music video Reborn (2017) Director: Noel Paul
Rae Morris 'Love Again' music video Love Again (2015) Director: Charlie Robins
Production Company: Forever Pictures
Rae Morris 'Under The Shadows' music video Under The Shadows (2014) Director: Alex Southam
Rae Morris 'Closer' music video Closer (2014) Director: Zac Ella
Production Company: Agile Films
Rae Morris 'Cold' music video Cold (2014)
Rae Morris 'Do You Even Know?' music video Do You Even Know? (2014)
Rae Morris 'Skin' music video Skin (2014)

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