Shamar Forté

Shamar Forté

Singer/Songwriter    London, UK 


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Don't Stop - In Production Director: Joe Dibenedetto
Forty Four - In Production Director: Cameron Michael
Shamar Forté 'The Interlude (It All Falls Down)' music video The Interlude (It All Falls Down) (2012) Director: Joe Dibenedetto
Shamar Forté 'Bright Lights' music video Bright Lights (2012) Director: Dallas J Logan
Co-Director: New World Group
Production Companies: VisualNoiz, Ancient Spaceship
Shamar Forté 'Something From a Dream' music video Something From a Dream (2011) Director: Joe Dibenedetto
Shamar Forté 'Showdown' music video Showdown (2011) Director: Joe Dibenedetto

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