Shystie, pronounced ~ [§hy-§téé] is a UK female Musician/Actress, birth name Chanelle Calica who was born and raised in London. Shystie started gaining fame with her white label response to Dizzee Rascal’s “I Luv U” and was also the supporting act whilst touring with 50 Cent and G-Unit, Basement Jaxx and The Streets.  In 2004 to 2005 Shystie spent a lot of her time performing in and out of the country, touring across America, Germany, Brazil, Chile and Argentina, promoting her first album ‘Diamond in the dirt’ and showcasing her home town, London talents all over appearing on 8 front covers of newspapers/magazines.  During 2005 Chanelle was the first artist in the UK to have her own character named ‘Shystie’ to be featured in a computer game called ‘JUICED’ put out by a universal company named ‘Acclaim Games’ which was released across the world on the playstation 2 and xbox platforms. She also did a track entitled ‘Juiced’ which was featured on the games soundtrack and her album, which she also shot a video for.  At the end of the year Justin Stennett (Manager) and Shystie came up with an idea for her to front her own Interactive TV Series called ‘Dubplate Drama’, where She played the leading role of ‘Dionne’, an aspiring female emcee trying to make it in the music world but often faces a lot of trials and tribulations. And its up to the viewers to put themself in her shoes and decide her fate by texting and choosing either A or B and the option with the most votes gets shown the following week.  The 6 part episode lasted 12 and half minutes each and was shown on Channel 4, E4, MTV, MTV Base, PSP and 3Mobile which was aired on 11th November 2005, showing 17 times a week over a 6 week period and received 3.3million Viewers. When the series finished, MTV and Channel 4 then showed all 6 episodes back to back as a film which showed 20 times over December 2005 to February 2006.  Throughout late 2006 and early 2007 Shystie has been touring all over Europe, Sweden, Stockholm, Denmark, Germany all in means of promoting new cuts off her new album set for release mid 2008.  In February 2007, Shystie started filming for Dubplate Drama 2 where again she played the lead role, ‘Dionne ‘which runs for half an hour (per episode) and is now a 12 part series instead of its previous 6 part.  It started showing on Channel 4, Channel 4 +1, E4, E4 +1, MTV, MTV Base, Myspace and all mobile phone networks which aired on all platforms from 18th September 2007. The series featured old cast members and new with many cameo appearances from well-known UK artist. The script again was written by Luke Hyams, executive producer Justin Stennett (Shystie’s Manager) and Production company, Amateur hour.  ‘Dubplate Drama’ was commissioned for a fourth series filming in early 2009, the series aired over a week on Channel 4 in June 2009, It has not been mentioned whether the show has been recommisioned for a fifth run.


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