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Son Lux 'Slowly' music video Slowly (2018) Director: Alex Cook
Son Lux 'Ransom' music video Ransom (2017) Directors: Jingyi Shao, Jess Jing Zou
Son Lux 'Dangerous' music video Dangerous (2017) Director: Alex Cook
Son Lux 'Cage of Bones' music video Cage of Bones (2016) Director: Jean Paul Frenay
Son Lux 'Breathe Out' music video Breathe Out (2016) Directors: Adrian Moyse, Junta
Production Company: Junta Films
Son Lux 'Undone' music video Undone (2016) Director: David Terry Fine
Son Lux 'You Don't Know Me' music video You Don't Know Me (2015) Director: Nathan Johnson
Production Company: The Made Shop
Son Lux 'Change Is Everything' music video Change Is Everything (2015) Director: Nathan Johnson
Son Lux 'Easy' music video Easy (2014) Director: David Terry Fine
Son Lux 'Lost It To Trying (Mouths Only Lying)' music video Lost It To Trying (Mouths Only Lying) (2014) Director: Imogen Murphy
Son Lux 'Lanterns Lit' music video Lanterns Lit (2014) Director: SJ Finlay
Son Lux 'Build A Pyre (Begin Again)' music video Build A Pyre (Begin Again) (2014) Director: Geoff Hoskinson
Son Lux 'Alternate World' music video Alternate World (2014) Director: Truman & Cooper
Production Companies: ChezEddy, Wanda
Son Lux 'Lost It To Trying' music video Lost It To Trying (2013) Director: Jennifer McQuiston Lott
Son Lux 'Pyre' music video Pyre (2013) Director: The Craig Brothers

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