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Stromae 'Fils de joie' music video Fils de joie (2022) Director: Henry Scholfield
Stromae 'L’enfer' music video L’enfer (2022) Directors: Julien Soulier, Luc Van Haver, Coralie Barbier, Stromae
Stromae 'Santé' music video Santé (2021) Directors: Jaroslav Moravec, Luc Van Haver
Stromae 'quand c'est ?' music video quand c'est ? (2015) Director: Xavier Reyé
Stromae 'Carmen' music video Carmen (2015) Director: Sylvain Chomet
Production Company: Th1ng
Stromae 'ave cesaria' music video ave cesaria (2014) Director: Henry Scholfield
Stromae 'ta fête' music video ta fête (2014) Director: Lieven Van Baelen
Production Company:
Stromae 'Tous Les Mêmes' music video Tous Les Mêmes (2013) Director: Henry Scholfield
Production Company: Caviar Content
Stromae 'Papaoutai' music video Papaoutai (2013) Director: Raf Reyntjens
Production Company: Caviar Content
Stromae 'Formidable' music video Formidable (2013) Director: Jérome Guiot
Stromae 'Peace or Violence' music video Peace or Violence (2011) Directors: Raf Reyntjens, Joris Rabijns
Stromae 'Alors on danse' music video Alors on danse (2010) Directors: Paul Van Haver, Jérome Guiot

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