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Synapson 'Build Me Up' music video Build Me Up (2018) Director: Mary Clerté
Synapson 'Hide Away' music video Hide Away (2018) Director: Mary Clerté
Synapson 'Blade Down' music video Blade Down (2016) Director: Mustafa Mazouzi
Synapson 'Fireballe' music video Fireballe (2016) Director: Julien Vray
Production Company: Soldats
Synapson 'All In You' music video All In You (2015) Director: Drew Bourdet
Production Company: Residency
Synapson 'Vertige' music video Vertige (2012) Director: MRG
Production Company: Paradoxal Inc. NYC
Synapson 'Sentimental Affair' music video Sentimental Affair (2012) Director: Pierre Zandrowicz
Production Company: Diez Films

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