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The Bluetones 'After Hours' music video After Hours (2002) Director: Edgar Wright
The Bluetones 'Autophilia' music video Autophilia (2000) Directors: Jake Wynne, Jim Canty
Production Company: Godman
The Bluetones '4-Day Weekend' music video 4-Day Weekend (1998) Production Company: Studio 4°C
Director: K?ji Morimoto
The Bluetones 'If' music video If (1998)
The Bluetones 'Solomon Bites The Worm' music video Solomon Bites The Worm (1998) Director: John Hardwick
The Bluetones 'Marblehead Johnson' music video Marblehead Johnson (1996) Director: Dom & Nic
Production Company: Oil Factory Inc.
The Bluetones 'Bluetonic' music video Bluetonic (1995) Director: Dom & Nic
The Bluetones 'Slight Return' music video Slight Return
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