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K'naan 'Is Anybody Out There?' music video Is Anybody Out There? (2012)
Director: Chris Robinson
Suzanne Vega 'Book and a Cover' music video Book and a Cover (1998)
Suzanne Vega
Director: Geoff Moore
Production Company: Black Dog Films
The Bluetones '4-Day Weekend' music video 4-Day Weekend (1998)
The Bluetones
Production Company: Studio 4°C
Director: K?ji Morimoto
Sheryl Crow 'A Change Would Do You Good' music video A Change Would Do You Good (1997)
Sheryl Crow
Director: Michel Gondry
Patty Griffin 'Every Little Bit' music video Every Little Bit (1996)
Patty Griffin
Suzanne Vega 'No Cheap Thrill' music video No Cheap Thrill (1996)
Suzanne Vega
Director: David Cameron (3)
Production Company: The A+R Group
The Bluetones 'Marblehead Johnson' music video Marblehead Johnson (1996)
The Bluetones
Director: Dom & Nic
Production Company: Oil Factory Inc.
Suzanne Vega 'Caramel' music video Caramel (1996)
Suzanne Vega
Director: Charles Wittenmeier
Dishwalla 'Give' music video Give (1995)
Director: Geoff Moore
Production Companies: Black Dog Films, RSA Films
Sheryl Crow 'All I Wanna Do' music video All I Wanna Do (1994)
Sheryl Crow
Director: David Hogan
Suzanne Vega 'In Liverpool' music video In Liverpool (1992)
Suzanne Vega
Director: Howard Greenhalgh
Suzanne Vega '99.9 F°' music video 99.9 F° (1992)
Suzanne Vega
Director: Nico Beyer
Suzanne Vega 'Blood Makes Noise' music video Blood Makes Noise (1992)
Suzanne Vega
Director: Nico Beyer
Blues Traveler 'But Anyway' music video But Anyway (1990)
Blues Traveler
Director: Len Dell’Amico
Suzanne Vega 'Book Of Dreams' music video Book Of Dreams (1990)
Suzanne Vega
Director: Andrew Doucette
Breathe (4) 'Does She Love That Man?' music video Does She Love That Man? (1990)
Breathe (4)
Director: Jesse Dylan
Suzanne Vega 'Luka' music video Luka (1987)
Suzanne Vega
Directors: Candace Reckinger, Michael Patterson
Bryan Adams 'Summer of 69' music video Summer of 69 (1985)
Bryan Adams
Director: Steve Barron
The Police 'Every Breath You Take' music video Every Breath You Take (1983)
The Police
Director: Godley & Creme
Production Company: Medialab
Falco 'Der Kommissar' music video Der Kommissar (1982)
Synchronicity II (1982)
The Police
Director: Godley & Creme
Production Company: Medialab
The Police 'Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic' music video Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic (1981)
The Police
Director: Derek Burbidge

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