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The Staves 'Failure' music video Failure (2021)
The Staves 'Satisfied' music video Satisfied (2020)
The Staves 'Good Woman' music video Good Woman (2020)
The Staves 'The Way Is Read' music video The Way Is Read (2017) Director: Robert Edridge-Waks
The Staves 'Trouble On My Mind' music video Trouble On My Mind (2017) Director: Alex Sopp
The Staves 'Tired As Fuck' music video Tired As Fuck (2017) Director: Dan Huiting
The Staves 'Steady' music video Steady (2015) Director: Brian and Karl
Production Company: COMPULSORY
The Staves 'Teeth White' music video Teeth White (2015)
The Staves 'Black & White' music video Black & White (2015) Director: Jack Whiteley
The Staves 'Blood I Bled' music video Blood I Bled (2014) Director: Nick Ray Rutter
The Staves 'Winter Trees' music video Winter Trees (2013) Director: Karni and Saul
Production Company: Aardman Animations
The Staves 'Facing West' music video Facing West (2013) Production Company: Cineaste Films
Director: Marcus Haney
The Staves 'Tongue Behind My Teeth' music video Tongue Behind My Teeth (2012)
The Staves 'Mexico' music video Mexico (2011) Director: Frater Films
Production Company: Agile Films

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