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Timbaland 'Servin' music video Servin (2016)
Timbaland 'Don't Get No Betta' music video Don't Get No Betta (2016)
Timbaland 'Hands In The Air' music video Hands In The Air (2012)
Timbaland 'Pass At Me' music video Pass At Me (2011) Director: Aaron Platt
Co-Director: Joseph Toman
Production Company: Good Company
Timbaland 'Carry Out' music video Carry Out (2010)
Timbaland 'If We Ever Meet Again' music video If We Ever Meet Again (2010) Director: Paul Coy Allen
Timbaland 'Say Something' music video Say Something (2009) Director: Paul Coy Allen
Timbaland 'Morning After Dark' music video Morning After Dark (2009)
Timbaland 'Scream' music video Scream (2008) Director: Justin Francis
Production Company: HSI Productions
Timbaland 'Give It To Me' music video Give It To Me (2007)
Timbaland 'Apologize' music video Apologize (2007) Director: David Schlussel
Timbaland 'The Way I Are' music video The Way I Are (2007)
Timbaland 'Throw It On Me' music video Throw It On Me (2007) Director: Justin Francis
Co-Director: The Saline Project
Timbaland 'Cop That Shit' music video Cop That Shit (2003) Director: Director X
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