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Tricky 'My Palestine Girl' music video My Palestine Girl (2014) Directors: S?awek W?cha?a, Sebastian Juszczyk
Tricky 'Sun Down' music video Sun Down (2014) Directors: Adrian Thaws, Tricky
Tricky 'Is That Your Life' music video Is That Your Life (2013) Directors: Tricky, Len Trusty
Tricky 'Hey Love' music video Hey Love (2013) Director: Hugo Goudswaard
Tricky 'Parenthesis' music video Parenthesis (2013) Director: Tricky
Tricky 'Murder Weapon' music video Murder Weapon (2010) Director: Fleur & Manu
Production Company: DIVISION
Tricky 'Evolution Revolution Love' music video Evolution Revolution Love (2001) Director: Jake Scott
Tricky 'Makes Me Wanna Die' music video Makes Me Wanna Die (1997) Director: Floria Sigismondi
Production Companies: U-Ground, Revolver Films
Tricky 'Aftermath' music video Aftermath (1995) Director: Mike Lipscombe
Tricky 'Black Steel' music video Black Steel (1995) Director: Mike Lipscombe
Tricky 'Overcome' music video Overcome (1995) Director: Mike Lipscombe
Tricky 'Ponderosa' music video Ponderosa (1995) Director: Mike Lipscombe

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