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in 2014 (6)

Uncle Murda 'PYP' music video PYP (2014) Artist
DJ Self 'I Be About It' music video I Be About It (2014)
DJ Self
Featured Artist
Uncle Murda 'Got You Open' music video Got You Open (2014) Artist
Uncle Murda 'Self Made' music video Self Made (2014) Artist
Uncle Murda 'Same Way' music video Same Way (2014) Artist
Uncle Murda 'My Shoes' music video My Shoes (2014) Artist

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in 2013 (4)

Uncle Murda 'Wu Wuu Wuuu' music video Wu Wuu Wuuu (2013) Artist
Uncle Murda 'New York City' music video New York City (2013) Artist
Uncle Murda 'Get No Cake' music video Get No Cake (2013) Artist
Uncle Murda 'Brother & Sister' music video Brother & Sister (2013) Artist

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in 2015 (4)

Dirti Diana 'What Up Doe' music video What Up Doe (2015)
Dirti Diana
Featured Artist
Bleezy 'Kyrie Irving Remix' music video Kyrie Irving Remix (2015)
Featured Artist
Uncle Murda 'Body Dance' music video Body Dance (2015) Artist
Uncle Murda '2014 Rap Up' music video 2014 Rap Up (2015) Artist

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in 2016 (2)

N.A Money 'Round Robbin' music video Round Robbin (2016)
N.A Money
Featured Artist
Uncle Murda 'Rap Up 2015' music video Rap Up 2015 (2016) Artist

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