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Episode 185

The Five Year Plan

If one music video is good, how about two music videos? How about two similar music videos back to back for the same song? This week we’re talking about Rihanna and Drake’s sexy double video for “Work,” a back to back extravaganza that features Drake doing what he does best - have a famous female pop star do some sexy dancing for him. Also we’re talking about the that music machine video everyone is watching this week, as well as the first non-comedy Jon Lajoie music video. To check out the links we mention in this episode of the podcast, visit Want to yell at us about music videos? We’re on Twitter at @imvdb. Thanks to iTunes for featuring us in the New & Noteworthy section of iTunes this week, and check out Doug and Andrea Allen’s new Vimeo podcast!

Explicit Mar 4, 2016 • 01:07:32 • Download: m4amp3

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