Billie Eilish 'when the party's over' Music Video

when the party's over (2018)
by Billie Eilish




Carlos Lopez Estrada
Director of Photography
Matt Wise
Production Company
Little Ugly
Kimberly Stuckwisch,  Executive Producer
Neil Garvey,  Executive Producer
Melora Donoghue,  Executive Producer
Sammi Farber,  Producer
Thanh Hoang,  1st AD
Director's Reps
Doug Klinger
Record Label
Interscope Records
Production Design
Tyler Jensen,  Production Designer
Sydney Weinburger,  Set Dresser
Taylor Black,  Colorist
Camera Department
Ksusha Genenfeld,  1st AC
Kiara Ramirez,  2nd AC
Makeup and Hair
Tammy Yi,  Hair and Makeup Artist
Costume and Wardrobe
Sam Burkhart,  Stylist
Art Department
Michael Corsey,  Art Director
Jesse Hotchkiss,  Painter
Visual Effects
Ryan Ross,  VFX
Andres Jaramillo,  VFX
Ingenuity Studios,  VFX
Bryan Fugal,  VFX
Tim Hendrix,  VFX
Joshua Cushner,  Motion Control Operator
Craig Schumard,  Motion Control Technician
Electrical Department
Skott Khuu,  Gaffer
Amber Jones,  Best Boy Electric
Grip Department
Adam Kolegas,  Key Grip
Daniel Vasquez,  Best Boy Grip


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