Video Embed

IMVDb's video embed allows you to easily embed videos with IMVDb data into your site. The benefits of using the IMVDb embed are:

  • Get information like director, release date, view count, and even the full credit list embedded with the video.
  • Get the official, correct video embed, even if that embed changes.
  • Get build-in responsive video features.

Wordpress Plugin

If you are using Wordpress, the easiest way to add music video embeds to your site is using our Wordpress plugin.

Manually Using The Video Embed

To manually use the embed feature, add this javascript code once on your page, before the close of the body tag:

<script async type="text/javascript" src="//" charset="utf-8"></script>

The embeds will not work without this code being added to your page.

Next, go the the video you want to embed, and click on Embed This Video. You'll get code for the embed that should look something like this:

<div class="imvdb-embed" data-embed-type="video" data-id="263039060632" data-include-credits="y"></div>

Put this code on the page where you'd like the embed to appear.

Embed Options

The embedded player can be customized by using some embed options. Each option must be preceded by 'data-', so the option 'show-credits' would be added as 'data-show-credits'.

Option Default Description
responsive y Whether or not to make the video and embed responsive. 'n' for No and 'y' for yes.
show-stats y Whether or not to show view and social stats (if available). 'n' for No and 'y' for yes.
show-credits n Whether or not to show the credits for this video if they are available. 'n' for No and 'y' for yes.
credits-mode top Since some videos may have many credits, this option specifies that only the top credits should be shown (director, producers, editors, etc). Accepts 'all' or 'top'.
width 500 The width of the embed in pixels. If the embed is set to repsonsive, this becomes the maximum width.
show-version-name y Whether or not to show the version name for the video if one exists for this video. 'n' for No and 'y' for yes.
prefer-source null IMVDb lists YouTube and Vimeo sources if they are available, and if you prefer for the embed to display a certain source, you can specify that here using 'vimeo' or 'youtube'. This will default to the primary source if not specified.