Björk 'Mutual Core' Music Video

Mutual Core (2012)
by Björk

AlternativeAlternative Rock



Behind The Scenes


Andrew Thomas Huang
Directors of Photography
August Jakobsson
Laura Merians
Árni Björn Helgason,  Producer
Video Rep.
Lark Creative
Production Design
Gus Olafsson,  Production Designer
Hugh Zeigler,  Production Designer
Makeup and Hair
Frida Maria Hardardottir,  Hair Stylist
Frida Maria Hardardottir,  Makeup
Visual Effects
David Lyons,  VFX


Award Category Nominee(s) Result
2013 UK MVAsBest Visual Effects In a VideoNominated
Best Art Direction & Design In a VideoNominated


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  • Artist Name: Björk
  • Song Name: Mutual Core

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