Chromeo 'Don't Turn The Lights On' Music Video

Don't Turn The Lights On
by Chromeo

AlternativeAlternative Rock


Keith Schofield
Director of Photography
Damian Acevedo
Keith Schofield
Michael Sagol,  Executive Producer
Jasper Thomlinson,  Executive Producer
Nick Diaz,  Producer
Production Design
Benjamin Bamps,  Production Designer
Makeup and Hair
Gia Barsocchini,  Makeup
Costume and Wardrobe
Jacquelyn Moran,  Stylist
Visual Effects
Andy Bate,  VFX - Credited as VFX Artist.
Arielle Davis,  VFX - Credited as Visual Effects Producer.


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Song Details

  • Artist Name: Chromeo
  • Song Name: Don't Turn The Lights On

Technical Details

  • Running Length: 4:38

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