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Fool's Gold 'I'm In Love' Music Video

I'm In Love (2015)
by Fool's Gold




Sally Tran
Production Company
Ghost Robot
Zach Mortensen ,  Executive Producer
Mark De Pace,  Executive Producer
Drew Resser,  Producer
Art Department
Polixeni Theodoro,  Art Assistant
Rachel G,  Art Assistant
Max Brzozowski,  Art Assistant
Monica Dabrowski,  Art Assistant
Mel Jelacic,  Art Assistant
Jordan Pick,  Art Assistant
Riley Spencer,  Art Assistant
Jessica Mercado,  Art Assistant
Briana Shields,  Art Assistant
Heather Yancey,  Art Assistant
Savannah Magruder,  Art Assistant
Diego Julca,  Art Assistant
Desiree Lavoy,  Art Assistant
Eve Seiter,  Art Assistant
Mariko Tamegai,  Art Assistant
Reid Hildebrand,  Art Assistant
Lisa Cheung,  Art Assistant
Jack Low,  Art Assistant
Post-Production Department
Rosalie Garlow,  Designer
Visual Effects
Brett Harding,  Compositor
Brett Harding,  Animator


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