Jon Lajoie 'Please Use This Song' Music Video

Please Use This Song (2014)
by Jon Lajoie





Jon Lajoie
Director of Photography
George Nienhuis
Jon Lajoie
Jon Lajoie,  Producer
Brandon Dermer,  Producer
Melissa Marin,  Producer
Gabriel Younes,  Producer
Brandon Dermer,  Co-Director

Joseph Corcoran

Band Member

Nicholas Spiller

Band Member

Joe Ristaino

Band Member

Chris Stephens

Guy In Fast Food Ad

Alisha Ketry

Woman In Insurance Ad

Jonathan Pessin

Guy In Medication Ad

John Gray

Guy In Credit Card Ad

David Mull


Joshua Crenshaw

Guy In Office Supply Ad

Mia Mastrioanni

Woman In Hair Dye Ad

Michael Healy

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Kara Connolly

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David Phillips

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Leah Kilpatrick

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Roy Allen

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Vera R. Taylor

Woman In TV Couple

Nick Ross

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George Basil

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Nate Smith

Guy In Hilarious Alcoholics Ad

Max Thayer


Manuel Eduardo Velazquez


Production Management
John Schrad,  Production Coordinator
Seth Farley,  1st Assistant Director
Kurt Gnagey,  2nd Assistant Director
Production Design
Elise Hannaford,  Production Designer
Greg Reese,  Colorist - @ The Mill
Camera Department
Andrew Harris ,  1st Assistant Camera
Wojciech Kielar,  Camera Operator
Andrew Wilsak,  DIT (Digital Imaging Technician)
Makeup and Hair
Victoria Boothroyd,  Additional Hair and Makeup
Alicia Mizrahi Siller,  Makeup
Costume and Wardrobe
Catherine Elhoffer,  Wardrobe
Art Department
Matilda Paulin,  Art Director
Abbey Aichinger,  Graphic Design - Logos
Brandon Smith,  Graphic Design
Margo Murphy,  Graphic Design
Electrical Department
Kyle Fallon,  Gaffer
Production Support
Shane Lincoln,  Production Assistant
Alex Olivier,  Production Assistant
Alexander Dunn,  Production Assistant
David Mull,  Production Assistant


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  • Artist Name: Jon Lajoie
  • Song Name: Please Use This Song

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