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Katy Perry 'This Is How We Do' Music Video

This Is How We Do (2014)
by Katy Perry




Behind The Scenes


Joel Kefali
Director of Photography
Shawn Kim
Joel Kefali
Production Company
Doomsday Entertainment
Marguerite Derricks
Danielle Hinde,  Executive Producer
Kimberly Stuckwisch,  Executive Producer
Jason Cole,  Producer
Danny Lockwood,  Producer
Video Commissioner
Danny Lockwood
Record Label
Capitol Records

Aglae Kounkou

Female Dancer

Leah Adler

Female Dancer

Paul Benshoof

Male Dancer

Jeremy Barthel

Male Dancer

Trey Rich

Male Dancer

Scott Myrick

Male Dancer

Corey Graves

Male Dancer

Josh Source


Ron McPherson

Museum Man

Sarah Hudson

Shout Out Friend

Morgan Quinn

Extra Girl

Jennifer Gordon

Extra Girl

Katy Perry


Jason Collins

Basketball Player

Production Management
Alicia Martinez,  Production Manager
Mel Young,  Production Coordinator
Kate Alves,  Office PA
Jesse Fleece,  1st Assistant Director
Mike Hart,  2nd Assistant Director
Travis Plante,  AD PA
Robert Shirreffs,  Script Supervisor
Jonathon Otto,  Truck PA
Jeff Hollinger,  Craft Services
Production Design
Eric Archer,  Production Designer
Dave Gibson,  Colorist
Camera Department
Shasta Spahn,  1st Assistant Camera
April Kelley,  2nd Assistant Camera
Dylan Johnson,  DIT (Digital Imaging Technician)
Hunter Hoopengarner,  Phantom Tech
Makeup and Hair
Clyde Haywood,  Hair Stylist
Asst. Larry Mcdaniel,  Hair Stylist
Erika Melody Frank,  Hair and Makeup
Cherish Crum,  Hair and Makeup Assistant
Jake Bailey,  Artist Makeup
Costume and Wardrobe
Johnny Wujek,  Wardrobe Stylist
Samantha Fernandez,  Assistant Stylist
Brett Nelson,  Assistant Stylist
Alana Van Deraa,  Assistant Stylist
Kimmie Keyes,  Nails
Art Department
Michelle Zamora,  Art Department
Anna Serrano,  Art Department
Julie O'leary,  Art Department
Roni Levi,  Art Department
Casey Burr,  Art Department
Tim Terrell,  Art Department
Casting Department
Michael Beaudry,  Cast
Post-Production Department
Beryl,  Post Production Company
Visual Effects
Mat Ellin,  VFX Supervisor
Robert Wallace,  Animator
Charles Cummings,  Animator
Joel Kefali,  Animator
Luke Toth,  Animator
Electrical Department
Randy Granger,  Gaffer
Rob Cheung,  Electric
Adan Galindo,  Best Boy Electric
Grip Department
Joseph Messier,  Key Grip
Curtis Brown,  Best Boy Grip
Kirt Harding,  Grip
Production Support
Jacob Baas,  Playback
Casey Yujia Dong,  Production Assistant
Max Belin,  Production Assistant
Kaedi Taylor,  Production Assistant
Brendan Varni,  Production Assistant
Michael Beaudry,  Cast


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  • Artist Name: Katy Perry
  • Song Name: This Is How We Do

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