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Lady Gaga 'G.U.Y.' Music Video

G.U.Y. (2014)
by Lady Gaga




Behind The Scenes


Lady Gaga
Director of Photography
Thomas Kloss
Harvey White
Production Companies
Rocket In My Pocket
Riveting Entertainment
Richard Jackson - @ Haus of Gaga
Andrew Listermann,  Executive Producer
Emerald Listermann,  Executive Producer
Nicole Ehrlich,  Producer
Andrew Listermann,  Producer
Record Label

Lady Gaga

Andy Cohen

Bobby Campbell,  Artist Management - @ Haus of Gaga
Ky Cabot,  Artist Tour Manager
Production Management
Shannon Burgee,  Production Manager
Michelle Gracie,  Production Manager
Christine Park,  Production Coordinator
Jordan Owen,  Production Coordinator
Christine Yuan,  Pre-Production Assistant to Producer - Nicole Ehrlich, Pre-Production
JD Seraphine,  Assistant to Producer - Nicole Ehrlich
Nikil Shyam Sunder,  Executive Assistant to Producer - Andrew Listermann
Stephanie Farmer,  Office PA
Beatrice Rosenblatt,  Office PA
James Gadioso,  Office PA
Danielle Wolverton,  Office PA
Jonas Morales,  1st Assistant Director
Jamar Hawkins,  2nd Assistant Director
Giovanni Cotto-Ortiz,  2nd 2nd Assistant Director
Lee Daniels,  AD PA
Dust Ortiz,  AD PA
Edye Rice,  Script Supervisor
Diane Collins,  Script Supervisor
Omar Saenz,  Truck PA
Matt Faigh,  Truck PA
Johnny Vitalie,  Truck PA
Michael Raven,  Key Set PA
Kevin Bush,  Set PA
Alex Garcia,  Set PA
Julian Quinonez,  Set PA
Joel Garay,  Set PA
Jason Wood,  Set PA
Johan Silva,  Set PA
Mike Leon,  Set PA
Tyler Thurmond,  Set PA
Production Design
Alex Delgado,  Production Designer
Chad Tomlinson,  Set Dresser
Miles Carrington,  Set Dresser
Matthew McArdle,  Set Dresser
Jason Bushey,  Set Dresser
Steven Kiratsous,  Set Dresser
Freddy Pelaez,  Set Dresser
Max Forward,  Storyboard Artist
Haus of Gaga,  Creative Design
Christian Corio,  Set Decorator
Logan Noh,  Set Decorator
Lacee Franks,  Creative Coordinator - @ Haus of Gaga
Bob Curreri,  Colorist
Whitney Weir,  Assistant Editor
Tyler Fagerstrom,  Color Assistant
Camera Department
Joseph Labisi,  2nd Unit DP
Ethan McDonald,  1st Assistant Camera
Travis Daking,  1st Assistant Camera - B Camera
Derek C. Edwards,  1st Assistant Camera - C Camera
Ryan Brown,  2nd Assistant Camera - A Camera
Leo Abraham,  2nd Assistant Camera - B Camera
Steve Welch,  Techno Crane Tech
Jeremiah Pitman,  Camera Operator - A Camera
Liam Clark,  Steadicam Operator
Manolo Rojas,  Steadicam Operator
Kira Hernandez,  Loader
Peter Parson,  Camera PA
Christian Hurley,  Techno Crane
Chris Dickson,  Techno Crane Assistant
Makeup and Hair
Frederic Aspiras,  Key Hair - for Lady Gaga
Andre Dubois,  Key Hair - Principles/Background
Allan Apone,  Special Effects Makeup Artist - for Lady Gaga
Bradley Look,  Special Effects Makeup Artist - for Lady Gaga
Mia Yang,  Makeup Assistant - for Lady Gaga
Homa Safar,  Makeup Assistant - Principles/Background
Mary Kula,  Makeup Assistant - Principles/Background
Hayley Buckner,  Makeup Assistant - Principles/Background
Peggy Wright,  Makeup Assistant - Principles/Background
Janelle Fanetra,  Makeup Assistant - Principles/Background
Sheena Zargari,  Makeup Assistant - Principles/Background
Celina Takei,  Hair Assistant - for Lady Gaga
Randy Madden,  Hair Assistant - Principles/Background
Travisean Haynes,  Hair Assistant - Principles/Background
Jacklin Masteran,  Hair Assistant - Principles/Background
Laura Dominique,  Key Makeup Artist - for Lady Gaga
Sarah Nicole Tanno,  Key Makeup Artist - Principles/Background
Johnny Dar,  Body Painter - Principles/Background
Dyrel White,  Barber - Principles/Background
Karen Gutierrez,  Manicurist - for Lady Gaga
Costume and Wardrobe
Gina Buletta,  Costumer - Principle/Background Key
Brandon Maxwell,  Stylist
Sandra Amador,  Stylist Assistant
Marcelo Fernandes Gaia,  Stylist Assistant
Coco Campbell,  Stylist Assistant
Roxanne Mahoney,  Stylist Assistant
Leah Henken,  Stylist Assistant
Chloe Takayanagi,  Stylist Assistant
Virginia Fontaine,  Stylist Assistant
Rowan Papier,  Stylist Assistant
Graham Smith,  Stylist Assistant
Karina Vega,  Stylist Assistant - for Lady Gaga
Perry Meek,  Costume Designer
Brandon Maxwell,  Fashion Director - @ Haus of Gaga
Sasa Jalali,  Assistant Costumer - Principle/Background
Natalie Fuller,  Seamstress
Art Department
Jace Ford,  Art Director
Lucas Culshaw,  Concept Art
Strong Arm Scenery,  Construction
Chad Bailey,  Art Coordinator
Culley Bunker,  Flame Artist
Felipe Ristreppo,  Art Truck Driver
Chet Cort,  Art Truck Driver
Duane Russell,  Construction Coordinator
John Merritt,  Prop Maker
Nathan Sawaya,  Sculptor - Lego Sculptor
Casting Department
Michelle Gracie,  Cast
Ed Mills,  Casting Associate
Beatrice Rosenblatt,  Casting Assistant
Melanie Keenan,  Casting Assistant
Jill Buckland,  Casting Assistant
Post-Production Department
Reggie Kelly,  Telecine Producer
Graham Herbste,  Tracking Artist
Ali Struck,  Color & Telecine Post Coordinator
Visual Effects
Shelby Wong,  VFX Producer
Kim Church,  VFX Producer
Charles Anderson,  VFX Producer
Hilery Johnson,  Roto Artist
Dylan Holden,  Roto Artist
Tsuyoshi Kobayashi,  VFX Artist
Joshua Bolin,  VFX Artist
Dally Garcia,  VFX Artist
Stephen Olmos,  VFX Artist
Edwin Miller,  VFX Artist
Ian Johnston,  VFX Artist
Joshua Lopez,  VFX Artist
Dennis Fitzsimmons,  VFX Artist
Michael Daniels,  VFX Artist
Carsten Dietz,  VFX Artist
Jonah Hall,  VFX Creative Director
Kevin Lau,  VFX Creative Director
Michael Theurer,  VFX Head of Production
Chris Homel,  Smoke Artist
Austin Hickman-Fain,  VFX Smoke Assistant
Chris Brown,  VFX Smoke Assistant
Krista Benson,  Nuke Compositor
Julie Jang,  Nuke Compositor
Special Effects
Robert Garrigus,  Special Effects Coordinator
Lana Ingham,  Lab Tech
Lindy Gavin,  Silicone Tech
Brandon Guilbeault,  Silicone Tech
Thirati Kulingwattanavit,  Prosthetic Tech
Chris Bergschneider,  SFX Makeup Mold Maker
Molly Porter,  SFX Makeup Mold Maker
Katie Thompson,  SFX Makeup Mold Maker
Christopher Gantt,  SFX Makeup Mold Maker
Todd Rex,  SFX Mold Sculptor
Ross Tallent,  SFX Mold Sculptor
Jessica DeLong,  SFX Mold Sculptor
Kevin Haney,  Lead SFX Mold Sculptor
Electrical Department
Steve Francis,  Gaffer
Doug Ednie,  Electric
Dean Peluso,  Electric
Justin Mcmahan,  Electric
Dick Smart,  Electric
Fritz Marx,  Electric
Robbie Pouliott,  Electric
Mike Brady,  Electric
Brian Hickman,  Best Boy Electric
Gerry Ruiz,  Electric Dimmer Operator
Adam Flores,  Electric Truck Driver
Grip Department
Rudy Covarrubias,  Key Grip
Trevor Fulks,  Best Boy Grip
Jayson Rury,  Grip
Dane Harvey,  Grip
Damen Wilberlis,  Grip
Don Telles,  Grip
Marc Polanski,  Grip
Damian Vega,  Grip
Roy Prophet,  Grip
Tim Shinkle,  Grip
Aerial Copter
Nicole Ehrlich,  Aerial Director
Trent Palmer,  Aerial Pilot
Errol Kerr,  Aerial Camera Operator
Matt Nelson,  Heli Tech/Spotter
Thomas Pead,  Driver - Lady Gaga
Glenn Jones,  Driver - Artist Bus
Kevin Barrett,  Driver - Production Moho
Rise and Shine Catering,  Craft Service
Vince Puccio,  Gang Boss
D&R Catering,  Catering
Production Support
Rich Estrada,  Runner
Paul Gervasi,  Playback
Robert Morales,  VTR
Peter van der Veen,  Security - for Lady Gaga
Robert Marshall,  Security - for Lady Gaga
Kevin Bernal,  Security - for Lady Gaga
Daniel Zuleta,  Security
Tyler Thurmond,  Security
Tabitha Carpenter,  Security
Marie Escudero,  Masseuse - for Lady Gaga
David Moore,  Masseuse
VALIS Studios,  Production Company Support
Gregor Matosian,  Crafty
Taguhi Matosian,  Crafty Assistant
Cody Osbourne,  Credentials
Erica Leite,  Credentials
Michael Gumbrecht,  Art PA
Allison Acevedo,  Art PA
Joseph Fastiggi,  Art PA
Randall Wagner,  Art PA
Gabriel Somarriba,  Art PA
Lane Bentley,  Artist Day-to-Day Management - @ Haus of Gaga
Ashley Gutierrez,  Artist Personal Assistant - @ Haus of Gaga
Michelle Gracie,  Cast
Behind The Scenes
Meeno Peluce,  BTS Director of Photography
Alexander Contreras,  BTS DP Assistant
Bee Rhodes,  BTS Editor


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