Lucius 'Something About You' Music Video

Something About You (2016)
by Lucius




Mimi Cave
Director of Photography
Devin Whetstone
Kendra Juul
Production Company
Doomsday Entertainment
Liz Tenuto
Danielle Hinde,  Executive Producer
Rachel Barth,  Producer
Daniel Kent,  Head Of Production
Production Management
Nick Castillo,  Production Coordinator
Estevan Padilla,  Assistant Director
Ayumi Ashley,  Colorist
Makeup and Hair
Nicole Perez,  Hair Stylist
Kat Steinmetz,  Makeup
Jenna Blanchietti,  Makeup
Costume and Wardrobe
Amanda Ramirez,  Wardrobe
Art Department
Gar Lowe,  Art Department
Josh Frager,  Art Department
Visual Effects
Joe Macken,  VFX Supervisor
Nathaniel Costa,  VFX Artist
Eric Schira,  VFX Artist
Spencer Seibert,  VFX Artist
Andrew Bogenhagen,  VFX Artist
Ben Kopman,  VFX Artist
Damien Ivan,  VFX Artist
Steve McEuen,  VFX Artist
Electrical Department
Andy Olson,  Gaffer
Production Support
Clare Sandlund,  Production Assistant
Rachel Richardson,  Production Assistant
Nico Serneo,  Production Assistant


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  • Artist Name: Lucius
  • Song Name: Something About You

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