Muse 'Madness' Music Video

Madness (2012)
by Muse

AlternativeAlternative Rock




Anthony Mandler
Director of Photography
David Devlin
Production Company
Black Hand Cinema
Heather Heller,  Producer
Video Commissioners
Alan Parks
Nadine Parker
Record Label
Warner Music Group

Erin Wasson


Emile Hirsch


Production Management
John Lathan,  Production Supervisor
Ashley Krick,  Assistant Production Supervisor
Jonas Morales,  1st Assistant Director
Giovanni Cotto-Ortiz,  2nd Assistant Director
Production Design
Benji Bamps,  Production Designer
Camera Department
Mario Contini,  1st Assistant Camera - A Camera
June Zandona,  1st Assistant Camera - B Camera
Jonathan Helms,  2nd Assistant Camera - A Camera
Ryan Murray,  2nd Assistant Camera - B Camera
Alejandro Wilkins,  DIT (Digital Imaging Technician)
Makeup and Hair
Stephanie Kilmer,  Hair and Make Up Artist - Talent
Elisha,  Hair and Makeup Assistant - Talent
Costume and Wardrobe
Sophie Lopez,  Stylist - Muse
Mark Holms,  Stylist - Talent
Special Effects
Rudy Perez,  Pyro Technician
Donna Gross,  Location Manager
Electrical Department
Jake Sacsaty,  Gaffer
Jeremy Schonwald,  Electric
Jason Santelli,  Electric
Damion Shippen,  Electric
Bryce Lansing,  Electric
Spencer Scranton,  Electric
Colin Mayo,  Best Boy Electric
Grip Department
Jorge Guzman,  Key Grip
Steven Alboias,  Best Boy Grip
Omar Saenz,  Grip
Nicko Edwards,  Grip
Dave Adams,  Grip
Shaun Sangkarat,  Grip
Nik Smith,  Grip
Ed Melendez,  Gang Boss
Production Support
Katharine Martinez,  Playback
Ignacio Martinez,  VTR
David Deryckere,  Production Assistant - Office
Robert Graham,  Production Assistant - Truck
Damien Howard,  Production Assistant
Dust,  Production Assistant
Lucas McGough,  Production Assistant
Sean Connolly,  Production Assistant
Clayton Strassard,  Production Assistant
Michael Smith ,  Production Assistant - Daytime Pickups
Alexi Papalexopoulos,  Intern
Drew Adams,  Director's Assistant
Patricia Lathan,  Crafty


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Song Details

  • Artist Name: Muse
  • Song Name: Madness

Technical Details

  • Aspect Ratio: 2.33:1
  • Running Length: 5:20

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