Nick Hook 'Sirens' Music Video

Sirens (2012)
by Nick Hook feat. EL-P, Rood

  • Director: Ryan Staake
  • Release Date: 2012
  • Status: Released
  • Copyright: © 2012 Scion A/V





Ryan Staake
Director of Photography
T.S. Pfeffer
Production Companies
Pier Pictures
Pomp & Clout
T.S. Pfeffer,  Producer
Robert McHugh,  Producer
Ian Kaye,  Assistant Producer
Record Label
Scion A/V
Peter Corina,  1st Assistant Director
Camera Department
Robert McHugh,  1st Assistant Camera
Rudie Schaefer,  Lighting Director
Jamin Mandel,  Lighting Director
Jacob Ritley,  Camera PA
Makeup and Hair
Melina Ruiz,  Makeup
Grip Department
Jamin Mandel,  Grip


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