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Royal Blood 'Out Of The Black' Music Video

Out Of The Black - Version 2 (2015)
by Royal Blood

AlternativeAlternative Rock


David Wilson
Christy Karacas
Director of Photography
Michael Berlucchi
Max Windows
Production Company
Colonel Blimp
Paul Weston,  Executive Producer
Corin Taylor,  Producer
Benjamin Gilovitz,  Line Producer
Cheryl Payne,  Post Producer
Mike Hart,  1st AD
Video Commissioner
Sam Seager
Record Label
Warner Music Group

Mac Hines

Gas Station Attendant

Aaron Groben

Bunny Mascot

John Lyke

Bunny Mascot, Snowman Mascot

Kyle Garrity

Ice-Cream Mascot

Mark Rosen

Heart Mascot

Mike Dempsey

Pumpkin Mascot

Sue Yeon Ahn

Customer 1

Billy Chew

Customer 2

Leo Matchett

Special Agent

Jeremy Lingvall

Special Agent

Andy Price

Special Agent

Kent McGuire

Special Agent

Stephania Silveira

Dead Girl

Ace Underhill

Police Officer

Heather Charles

Police Officer

Bruce Van Patten

Police Officer

The Directors Bureau,  Local Production Company
Production Design
Greg Allen Lang,  Production Designer
Sam Robson,  Sound Engineer
James Cobbold,  Sound Engineer
Julien Biard,  Colorist
Camera Department
Ari Robbins,  Steadicam Operator
Costume and Wardrobe
Francis & Pereira,  Stylist
Art Department
Judy Roberts ,  Flame Artist
Andy Copping,  Flame Artist
Mike Carlo,  Animator
Ian Miller,  Animator
Yuri Fain,  Animator
Sachio Cook,  Animator
Alex Kwan,  Animator
Sam Marlo,  Animator


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