Caleb Jackson's Top Ten of 2016

Posted by Caleb Jackson on December 29, 2016 in Lists

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This year we saw a lot of great videos come out, and definitely saw some boundaries pushed. It was also really great to see some of my favorite directors get a shot at features & TV (Hiro Murai- Atlanta, DANIELS- Swiss Army Man, Isaac Rentz- Opening Night, and BREWER, The Trust) Next year, I'm hoping to see more out of some of my other favorites move in that direction as well.

Anyways, here are my picks in no particular order. 

Massive Attack feat. Young Fathers- Voodoo in my Blood
This one totally got me with the callbacks- The Posession influence is obvious, but I couldn't hep but feel the golden era (late 90's/early 00's) feel of this. Minus the integral visual effects, the eccentric performance and use of atmosphere could have come out 15 years ago (See Chris Cunningham's video for Leftfield)

Lorn- Anvil
This is one of those easy picks for me that I instantly couldn't stop obsessing over. The mood and world building this video creates is astounding, though it trumps the details and perspective put into the characters. 

Odesza feat. Zyra- It's Only

One of the most underrated videos this year. This thorough look at violence throughout the course of history proves sobering and astounding in the same breath.

Pekko- Hunger 
This video blew me out of the water with the style, influence, and trailer-style pace packed into it. Let this video sink in, it's a masterpiece. (Full Review HERE)

Jamie xx- Gosh (Version 2)
The proportion of this video is enough, but the intention within every shot and stylistic choice really puts it far above the norm.

Solange- Cranes In the Sky
You can feel the personal touch of Knowles and husband/director Alan Ferguson, but this is as close to fine art that I've witnessed in a music video this year. 

Metallica- Spit out the Bone
Mucci's back at it, and this time using some serious VFX/found footage combinations. Pushing boundaries, but still keeping the old school king fu/b-movie/tech paranoia themes he relies on.

Ry X- Only 

This video is done with so much style and intention, I couldn't take my eyes away. The way it is put together is connected in a careful fashion, from the costumes, to set design,to choreography- definitely want to see more like this from director Dugan O'Neal.

Leon Bridges- River
I feel like this video doesn't need much of an introduction, but it was definitely one of the most important videos put out this year, if for no  better reason, to successfully humanize a tense cultural topic that is newly unearthed.

The Lumineers- Sleep on the Floor
The Lumineers/ director Isaac Ravishankara pairing (along with Ophelia, Angela, and Cleopatra) made for my favorite series of the year,  I love how each video in the series is different and amazing in it's own way, but all connects by a world that is intentionally created to connect with each other.

Caleb Jackson is a Tucson native, Los Angeles based writer and director who spends his time pretending he lives in any decade besides this one. He tends to enjoy music videos with a little bit of narrative and a lot of bright colorful lights.

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