2016 Prism Prize

May 10, 2016


Grand Prize

  Avalanche (2015)
Kalle Mattson
Director: Philip Sportel
  Hotline Bling (2015)
Director: Director X
Producer: Evan Landry
Production Company: Creative Soul
Editor: Laura McMillan
  Virgins (2015)
Death From Above 1979
Director: Eva Michon
Producer: Oscar Boyson
Production Company: Ways & Means
Director of Photography: Kevin Phillips
: Ashley Fenton, Megan Fenton
  Le Fantôme (2015)
Director: Kristof Brandl
  Suplex (2015)
A Tribe Called Red
Director: Jon Riera
Director of Photography: Fraser Brown
Producer: Connor Illsley
Production Designer: Jenn Morden
Editor: Haya Waseem
Production Company: Mad Ruk Entertainment
  Flesh Without Blood/Life In The Vivid Dream (2015)
Director: Grimes
Editor: Grimes
Art Director: Grimes
Director of Photography: Mac Boucher
Production Companies: Rubrik, M ss ng P eces
Producers: Denis Miguel Rodrigues, Nicole Rodrigues
  JULIA (2015)
Fast Romantics
Director: Matthew Angus
Editor: Matthew Angus
Director of Photography: Ian Anderson (9)
  Miniskirt (2015)
Director: Kevan Funk
  How Can It Be (2016)
Director: Maxime Lamontagne
  So Down Low (2015)
The Elwins
Director: Alan Poon