Every name on IMVDb - artist, company, or person - is referred to as an entity. This keeps things flexible so that an artist can not only be the entity that a song is attributed to, but also be credited as the director.

The database doesn't make a distinction between the director or the gaffer, but it does make distinctions based on what we know about an entity, such as their credit history and videos associated with them.

Entity Ids

Entities are referenced by their numerical ids. You can find by querying data in the database or just finding it manually in the right hand column of each entity page.

Entity Slugs

Entities are referenced via the URL by their slugs, like this:{slug}

So, Lady Gaga's slug is lady-gaga, and her URL is:

This makes URLs for entities easily human readable. However, slugs are not primary keys, and in rare cases we will change an entity's slug with an appropriate redirect.

Entity Bylines

A byline is a quick way to describe an entity. For artists, it usually says "Artist", but for other entities, it may say "Editor" or something more specific if the entity's profile has been claimed and a custom byline has been filled out.

Associated Videos

Currently, an entity will have associated videos if they:

  • 1. Are credited as the primary artist on a song
  • 2. Are credited as a featured artist on a song

Both of these video lists can be returned when querying for entity information with the API.