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Music Videos Released in 2011 (3,921)

My Chemical Romance '#SINGItForJapan' music video

#SINGItForJapan (2011)

My Chemical Romance

J Paul Jr '#Whyulie' music video

#Whyulie (2011)

J Paul Jr

Il Volo ''O Sole Mio' music video

'O Sole Mio (2011)

Il Volo

Leila '(disappointed cloud) anyway' music video

(disappointed cloud) anyway (2011)


Peter Björn and John '(Don't Let Them) Cool Off' music video

(Don't Let Them) Cool Off (2011)

Peter Björn and John

Hakubi '(I Don't Want To Live On) The Moon' music video

(I Don't Want To Live On) The Moon (2011)


Steven Tyler '(It) Feels So Good' music video

(It) Feels So Good (2011)

Steven Tyler

Evil Eddie '(Somebody Say) Evil' music video

(Somebody Say) Evil (2011)

Evil Eddie

Colette Carr '(We Do It) Primo' music video

(We Do It) Primo (2011)

Colette Carr

IKILLYA '... And Hell Followed With Him' music video

... And Hell Followed With Him (2011)


Beyoncé '1+1' music video

1+1 (2011)


Gravediggaz '1-800 Suicide' music video

1-800 Suicide (2011)


Alexandra Stan '1.000.000' music video

1.000.000 (2011)

Alexandra Stan

Apparat Organ Quartet '123 Forever' music video

123 Forever (2011)

Apparat Organ Quartet

Steed Lord '123 If You Want Me' music video

123 If You Want Me (2011)

Steed Lord

Brenna Rhea '13 Knots' music video

13 Knots (2011)

Brenna Rhea

Volbeat '16 Dollars' music video

16 Dollars (2011)


Good Charlotte '1979' music video

1979 (2011)

Good Charlotte

Far East Movement '2 Is Better' music video

2 Is Better (2011)

Far East Movement

Six-D '2 Seconds' music video

2 Seconds (2011)


Jump Jump Dance Dance '2.0' music video

2.0 (2011)

Jump Jump Dance Dance

The Young Professionals '20 Seconds' music video

20 Seconds (2011)

The Young Professionals

The Word Alive '2012' music video

2012 (2011)

The Word Alive

Azealia Banks '212' music video

212 (2011)

Azealia Banks

Willow '21st Century Girl' music video

21st Century Girl (2011)


Gucci Mane '24 Hours' music video

24 Hours (2011)

Gucci Mane

Mary J. Blige '25/8' music video

25/8 (2011)

Mary J. Blige

The Lonely Island '3-Way (The Golden Rule)' music video

3-Way (The Golden Rule) (2011)

The Lonely Island

Easter '310 G' music video

310 G (2011)


Stalley '330' music video

330 (2011)


Hottub '4 Lokos Only' music video

4 Lokos Only (2011)


Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros '40 Day Dream' music video

40 Day Dream (2011)

Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros

Pugg '45 Bars' music video

45 Bars (2011)


Mariachi El Bronx '48 Roses' music video

48 Roses (2011)

Mariachi El Bronx

Melanie Fiona '4AM' music video

4AM (2011)

Melanie Fiona

Anthony David '4evermore' music video

4evermore (2011)

Anthony David

T-Pain '5 O'Clock' music video

5 O'Clock (2011)


Spyder Baybie Raw Dog '52247365' music video

52247365 (2011)

Spyder Baybie Raw Dog

Lil Wayne '6 Foot 7 Foot' music video

6 Foot 7 Foot (2011)

Lil Wayne

Lil Niqo '6 Foot 7 Foot Remix' music video

6 Foot 7 Foot Remix (2011)

Lil Niqo

Mike Zombie '6'7

6'7" (2011)

Mike Zombie

MellowHype '64' music video

64 (2011)


Florent Pagny '8ème Merveille' music video

8ème Merveille (2011)

Florent Pagny

Rick Ross '9 Piece' music video

9 Piece (Director's Cut) (2011)

Rick Ross

Star Fucking Hipsters '9/11 'til Infinity' music video

9/11 'til Infinity (2011)

Star Fucking Hipsters