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Bananarama 'Love Comes' music video Love Comes (2012)
Bananarama 'Love Don't Live Here' music video Love Don't Live Here (2012)
Bananarama 'Here Comes The Rain' music video Here Comes The Rain (2010)
Bananarama 'Every Shade of Blue 2010' music video Every Shade of Blue 2010 (2010)
Bananarama 'Look On The Floor (Hypnotic Tango)' music video Look On The Floor (Hypnotic Tango) (2006) Director: Tim Royes
Bananarama 'Move In My Direction' music video Move In My Direction (2005) Director: Phil Griffin
Production Company: Alchemy Pictures
Bananarama 'Careless Whisper' music video Careless Whisper (2001) Director: Philippe Gautier
Bananarama 'Waterloo' music video Waterloo (1998) Director: Rik Lander
Bananarama 'Take Me To Your Heart' music video Take Me To Your Heart (1996)
Bananarama 'Every Shade Of Blue' music video Every Shade Of Blue (1995)
Bananarama 'More, More, More' music video More, More, More (1993)
Bananarama 'Movin On' music video Movin On (1992) Director: Philippe Gautier
Bananarama 'Last Thing On My Mind' music video Last Thing On My Mind (1992)
Bananarama 'Preacher Man' music video Preacher Man (1991)
Bananarama 'Long Train Running' music video Long Train Running (1991)
Bananarama 'Trippin On Your Love' music video Trippin On Your Love (1991)
Bananarama 'Only Your Love' music video Only Your Love (1990) Director: Philippe Gautier
Bananarama 'Mr. Sleaze' music video Mr. Sleaze (1989) Director: Marek Budzynski
Bananarama 'Cruel Summer '89' music video Cruel Summer '89 (1989) Director: Neil Thompson
Bananarama 'Help!' music video Help! (1989)
Bananarama 'Love, Truth, and Honesty' music video Love, Truth, and Honesty (1988) Director: Big TV!
Bananarama 'I Want You Back' music video I Want You Back (1988) Director: Andy Morahan
Bananarama 'Nathan Jones' music video Nathan Jones (1988)
Bananarama 'A Trick Of The Night' music video A Trick Of The Night (1987)
Bananarama 'I Heard A Rumour' music video I Heard A Rumour (1987) Director: Andy Morahan
Bananarama 'Love In The First Degree' music video Love In The First Degree (1987) Director: Andy Morahan
Bananarama 'A Trick Of The Night' music video A Trick Of The Night (1987)
Bananarama 'I Can't Help It' music video I Can't Help It (1987) Director: Andy Morahan
Bananarama 'More Than Physical' music video More Than Physical (1986) Director: Peter Care
Bananarama 'Venus' music video Venus (1986) Director: Peter Care
Bananarama 'Rough Justice' music video Rough Justice (1985) Director: Jonathan Gerschfield
Bananarama 'Do Not Disturb' music video Do Not Disturb (1985) Director: Simon Milne
Bananarama 'Hotline To Heaven' music video Hotline To Heaven (1984) Director: Jonathan Gerschfield
Production Company: Jon Roseman Productions
Bananarama 'The Wild Life' music video The Wild Life (1984)
Bananarama 'Robert De Niro's Waiting' music video Robert De Niro's Waiting (1984) Director: Duncan Gibbins
Production Company: Jon Roseman Productions
Bananarama 'State I'm In' music video State I'm In (1984) Director: Jonathan Gerschfield
Bananarama 'Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye' music video Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye (1983) Directors: Keith MacMillan, John Weaver
Production Company: Keefco Productions
Bananarama 'Cruel Summer' music video Cruel Summer (1983) Director: Brian Simmons
Production Company: Stage Fight Productions
Bananarama 'Really Sayin' Something' music video Really Sayin' Something (1982) Directors: Chris Cross, Midge Ure
Bananarama 'Shy Boy' music video Shy Boy (1982) Directors: Midge Ure, Chris Cross
Bananarama 'Cheers Then' music video Cheers Then (1982) Director: Keith MacMillan
Production Company: Keefco Productions

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