Music Videos Released in 1989 (520)

Mojo Nixon '(619) 239-KING' music video

(619) 239-KING (1989)

Mojo Nixon

Paula Abdul '(It's Just) The Way You Love Me' music video

(It's Just) The Way You Love Me (Version 2 (1989 Version)) (1989)

Paula Abdul

Kiss '(You Make Me) Rock Hard' music video

(You Make Me) Rock Hard (1989)


Sheena Easton '101' music video

101 (1989)

Sheena Easton

Skid Row '18 and Life' music video

18 and Life (1989)

Skid Row

Peter Himmelman '245 Days' music video

245 Days (1989)

Peter Himmelman

The KLF '3 A.M. Eternal' music video

3 A.M. Eternal (1989)


Herb Alpert '3 O'Clock Jump' music video

3 O'Clock Jump (1989)

Herb Alpert

Full Force (3) '4-U' music video

4-U (1989)

Full Force

The Hooters '500 Miles' music video

500 Miles (1989)

The Hooters

Clint Black 'A Better Man' music video

A Better Man (1989)

Clint Black

Simply Red 'A New Flame' music video

A New Flame (1989)

Simply Red

Alarm (3) 'A New South Wales' music video

A New South Wales (1989)


Cyndi Lauper 'A Night To Remember' music video

A Night To Remember (1989)

Cyndi Lauper

Mr. Big 'Addicted To That Rush' music video

Addicted To That Rush (1989)

Mr. Big

Lisa Stansfield 'All Around the World' music video

All Around the World (1989)

Lisa Stansfield

Full Force (3) 'All I Wanna Do...' music video

All I Wanna Do... (1989)

Full Force

U2 'All I Want Is You' music video

All I Want Is You (1989)


Arielle Dombasle 'Amour Symphonique' music video

Amour Symphonique (1989)

Arielle Dombasle

Wax 'Anchors Aweigh' music video

Anchors Aweigh (1989)


Eurythmics 'Angel' music video

Angel (1989)


Richard Marx 'Angelina' music video

Angelina (1989)

Richard Marx

Phil Collins 'Another Day In Paradise' music video

Another Day In Paradise (1989)

Phil Collins

Director: Jim Yukich

Sandra 'Around My Heart' music video

Around My Heart (1989)


Steve Stevens 'Atomic Playboys' music video

Atomic Playboys (1989)

Steve Stevens

Transvision Vamp 'Baby I Don't Care' music video

Baby I Don't Care (1989)

Transvision Vamp

George Strait 'Baby's Gotten Good At Goodbye' music video

Baby's Gotten Good At Goodbye (1989)

George Strait

Soul II Soul 'Back To Life' music video

Back To Life (1989)

Soul II Soul

Director: Big TV!

Lita Ford 'Back To The Cave' music video

Back To The Cave (1989)

Lita Ford

Gypsy Kings 'Bamboleo' music video

Bamboleo (Version 2) (1989)

Gypsy Kings

Prince 'Batdance' music video

Batdance (1989)


Spandau Ballet 'Be Free With Your Love' music video

Be Free With Your Love (1989)

Spandau Ballet

Alice Cooper 'Bed of Nails' music video

Bed of Nails (1989)

Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper 'Bed of Nails' music video

Bed of Nails (1989)

Alice Cooper

Simple Minds 'Belfast Child' music video

Belfast Child (1989)

Simple Minds

Kreator 'Betrayer' music video

Betrayer (1989)


Gun (2) 'Better Days' music video

Better Days (1989)


Then Jerico 'Big Area' music video

Big Area (1989)

Then Jerico

LL Cool J 'Big Ole Butt' music video

Big Ole Butt (1989)

LL Cool J

Warrant 'Big Talk' music video

Big Talk (1989)


Fish 'Big Wedge' music video

Big Wedge (1989)


Milli Vanilli 'Blame it on the Rain' music video

Blame it on the Rain (1989)

Milli Vanilli

Walk On Fire 'Blind Faith' music video

Blind Faith (1989)

Walk On Fire

The Tragically Hip 'Blow At High Dough' music video

Blow At High Dough (1989)

The Tragically Hip

The Jesus And Mary Chain 'Blues From A Gun' music video

Blues From A Gun (1989)

The Jesus And Mary Chain