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Basement Jaxx 'Rock This Road' music video Rock This Road (2014) Director: Fidel Ruiz-Healy
Basement Jaxx 'We Are Not Alone' music video We Are Not Alone (2014) Director: Cyrill Oberholzer
Basement Jaxx 'Galactical' music video Galactical (2014) Director: Hadaya Turner
Basement Jaxx 'Never Say Never' music video Never Say Never (2014) Director: Saman Kesh
Production Company: Skunk
Basement Jaxx 'Mermaid of Salinas' music video Mermaid of Salinas (2014) Director: Alan Masferrer
Production Company: Oniric Events
Basement Jaxx 'Unicorn' music video Unicorn (2014) Director: Tomek Ducki
Basement Jaxx 'What A Difference Your Love Makes' music video What A Difference Your Love Makes (2013) Director: Damian Weilers
Basement Jaxx 'Back 2 The Wild' music video Back 2 The Wild (2013) Directors: Mat Maitland, Natalia Stuyk
Basement Jaxx 'My Turn' music video My Turn (2009) Director: Tomek Ducki
Basement Jaxx 'Feelings Gone' music video Feelings Gone (2009) Director: Andy Soup
Production Company: Spring69
Basement Jaxx 'Raindrops' music video Raindrops (2009) Director: Jess Holzworth
Production Company: Daft Arts
Basement Jaxx 'Feelings Gone' music video Feelings Gone (2009)
Basement Jaxx 'Oh My Gosh' music video Oh My Gosh (2005) Director: Mat Kirkby
Basement Jaxx 'Good Luck' music video Good Luck (2004) Director: Matt Kirby
Basement Jaxx 'Cish Cash' music video Cish Cash (2004) Director: Pleix
Production Company: Colonel Blimp
Basement Jaxx 'Romeo' music video Romeo (2001) Director: Andy Hutch
Basement Jaxx 'Where's Your Head At?' music video Where's Your Head At? (2001) Director: Traktor
Basement Jaxx 'Bingo Bango' music video Bingo Bango (2000) Director: Basement Jaxx
Basement Jaxx 'Rendez-Vu' music video Rendez-Vu (1999) Director: Evan Bernard
Basement Jaxx 'Red Alert' music video Red Alert (1999) Director: Dawn Shadforth
Basement Jaxx 'Fly Life' music video Fly Life (1997)
Basement Jaxx 'Take Me Back To Your House' music video Take Me Back To Your House Director: Dougal Wilson

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