Music Videos Released in 1999 (882)

1000 Clowns '(Not The) Greatest Rapper' music video

(Not The) Greatest Rapper (1999)

1000 Clowns

Britney Spears '(You Drive Me) Crazy' music video

(You Drive Me) Crazy (1999)

Britney Spears

Director: Nigel Dick

Amyth '1, 2, 3' music video

1, 2, 3 (1999)


Tori Amos '1000 Oceans' music video

1000 Oceans (1999)

Tori Amos

Brian McKnight '6, 8, 12' music video

6, 8, 12 (1999)

Brian McKnight

Blaque (2) '808' music video

808 (1999)


YoungBloodZ '85' music video

85 (1999)


Rapsody 'A Child Is Born' music video

A Child Is Born (1999)


Blue Nature 'A Life So Changed' music video

A Life So Changed (1999)

Blue Nature

Joe Diffie 'A Night To Remember' music video

A Night To Remember (1999)

Joe Diffie

Ricky 'Abgehau'n' music video

Abgehau'n (1999)


Toploader 'Achilles Heel' music video

Achilles Heel (Version 1) (1999)


Blink-182 'Adam's Song' music video

Adam's Song (1999)


Leftfield 'Afrika Shox' music video

Afrika Shox (1999)


Rotting Christ 'After Dark I Feel' music video

After Dark I Feel (1999)

Rotting Christ

Steps 'After The Love Has Gone' music video

After The Love Has Gone (1999)


Simply Red 'Ain't That A Lot Of Love' music video

Ain't That A Lot Of Love (1999)

Simply Red

Death In Vegas 'Aisha' music video

Aisha (1999)

Death In Vegas

Belinda Carlisle 'All God's Children' music video

All God's Children (1999)

Belinda Carlisle

Rahzel 'All I Know' music video

All I Know (1999)


Björk 'All is Full of Love' music video

All is Full of Love (1999)


Missy Elliott 'All N My Grill' music video

All N My Grill (1999)

Missy Elliott

Smash Mouth 'All Star' music video

All Star (1999)

Smash Mouth

Director: McG

Kenny Loggins 'Always, In All Ways' music video

Always, In All Ways (1999)

Kenny Loggins

Lenny Kravitz 'American Woman' music video

American Woman (1999)

Lenny Kravitz

Super B 'Amore disperato' music video

Amore disperato (1999)

Super B

Daniele Silvestri 'Amore mio' music video

Amore mio (1999)

Daniele Silvestri

Silverchair 'Ana's Song (Open Fire)' music video

Ana's Song (Open Fire) (1999)


Monica 'Angel Of Mine' music video

Angel Of Mine (1999)


Robbie Williams 'Angels' music video

Angels (US Version) (1999)

Robbie Williams

Sequential One 'Angels' music video

Angels (1999)

Sequential One

Melissa Etheridge 'Angels Would Fall' music video

Angels Would Fall (1999)

Melissa Etheridge

Jebediah 'Animal' music video

Animal (1999)


The Cranberries 'Animal Instinct' music video

Animal Instinct (1999)

The Cranberries

Insane Clown Posse 'Another Love Song' music video

Another Love Song (1999)

Insane Clown Posse

Silverchair 'Anthem for the Year 2000' music video

Anthem for the Year 2000 (1999)


Roxette 'Anyone' music video

Anyone (1999)


Sheryl Crow 'Anything But Down' music video

Anything But Down (1999)

Sheryl Crow

112 'Anywhere' music video

Anywhere (1999)


Ghostface Killah 'Apollo Kids' music video

Apollo Kids (1999)

Ghostface Killah

Ayumi Hamasaki 'Appears' music video

Appears (1999)

Ayumi Hamasaki

Ben Folds Five 'Army' music video

Army (1999)

Ben Folds Five

Red Hot Chili Peppers 'Around The World' music video

Around The World (1999)

Red Hot Chili Peppers

George Michael 'As' music video

As (1999)

George Michael

Augie March 'Asleep In Perfection' music video

Asleep In Perfection (1999)

Augie March