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Bloc Party 'Traps' music video Traps (2021)
Bloc Party 'Stunt Queen' music video Stunt Queen (2016)
Bloc Party 'Virtue' music video Virtue (2016)
Bloc Party 'The Love Within' music video The Love Within (2015) Director: Ivana Bobic
Bloc Party 'Ratchet' music video Ratchet (2013) Director: cyriak
Bloc Party 'Truth' music video Truth (2013) Director: Clemens Habicht
Bloc Party 'Kettling' music video Kettling (2012) Director: James Lees
Production Company: OneSix7 Productions
Bloc Party 'Octopus' music video Octopus (2012) Director: Nova Dando
Bloc Party 'Talons' music video Talons (2009)
Bloc Party 'One More Chance' music video One More Chance (2009)
Bloc Party 'Signs (AVH REMIX)' music video Signs (AVH REMIX) (2009) Director: Hiro Murai
Bloc Party 'Hunting for Witches' music video Hunting for Witches (2007)
Bloc Party 'I Still Rememeber' music video I Still Rememeber (2007) Directors: Alex Topaller, Daniel Shapiro
Bloc Party 'Flux' music video Flux (2007) Director: Ace Norton
Production Company: Partizan
Bloc Party 'Two More Years' music video Two More Years (2006)
Bloc Party 'So Here We Are' music video So Here We Are (2005) Director: AlexandLiane
Bloc Party 'Banquet' music video Banquet (2005) Director: AlexandLiane
Bloc Party 'Little Thoughts' music video Little Thoughts (2004) Director: Ben Dawkins
Production Company: Love Commercial Production Co.

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