Music Videos Released in 2007 (1,391)

Bon Jovi '(You Want To) Make A Memory' music video

(You Want To) Make A Memory (2007)

Bon Jovi

Emmure '10 Signs You Should Leave' music video

10 Signs You Should Leave (2007)


Alphabeat '10,000 Nights of Thunder' music video

10,000 Nights of Thunder (2007)


Birdman '100 Million' music video

100 Million (2007)


Tokio Hotel '1000 Meere' music video

1000 Meere (2007)

Tokio Hotel

Tokio Hotel '1000 Oceans' music video

1000 Oceans (2007)

Tokio Hotel

Feist '1234' music video

1234 (2007)


Bedouin Soundclash '12:59 Lullaby' music video

12:59 Lullaby (2007)

Bedouin Soundclash

James Blunt '1973' music video

1973 (2007)

James Blunt

Noah And The Whale '2 Bodies 1 Heart' music video

2 Bodies 1 Heart (2007)

Noah And The Whale

Jon Lajoie '2 Girls 1 Cup Song' music video

2 Girls 1 Cup Song (2007)

Jon Lajoie

Kylie Minogue '2 Hearts' music video

2 Hearts (2007)

Kylie Minogue

Ceacilia '20 Gauge Facelift' music video

20 Gauge Facelift (2007)


Blonde Redhead '23' music video

23 (2007)

Blonde Redhead

Blonde Redhead '23' music video

23 (2007)

Blonde Redhead

Keshia Chanté '2U' music video

2U (2007)

Keshia Chanté

Queens Of The Stone Age '3's & 7's' music video

3's & 7's (2007)

Queens Of The Stone Age

Gwen Stefani '4 In The Morning' music video

4 In The Morning (2007)

Gwen Stefani

Lostprophets '4AM Forever' music video

4AM Forever (2007)


Kissaway Trail, The '61' music video

61 (2007)

Kissaway Trail, The

Amel Bent 'A 20 Ans' music video

A 20 Ans (2007)

Amel Bent

30 Seconds To Mars 'A Beautiful Lie' music video

A Beautiful Lie (2007)

30 Seconds To Mars

YELLE 'A cause des garçons' music video

A cause des garçons (Version 1) (2007)


YELLE 'A cause des garçons' music video

A cause des garçons (Tecktonik version) (2007)


Megadeth 'A Tout Le Monde' music video

A Tout Le Monde (2007)


Asian Kung-Fu Generation 'A Town In Blue' music video

A Town In Blue (2007)

Asian Kung-Fu Generation

Alan Jackson 'A Woman's Love' music video

A Woman's Love (2007)

Alan Jackson

SSION 'A.S.A.P.' music video

A.S.A.P. (2007)


Sugababes 'About You Now' music video

About You Now (2007)


Calvin Harris 'Acceptable In The 80's' music video

Acceptable In The 80's (2007)

Calvin Harris

Emma Pollock 'Acid Test' music video

Acid Test (2007)

Emma Pollock

Finley (2) 'Adrenalina' music video

Adrenalina (2007)


Emma Pollock 'Adrenaline' music video

Adrenaline (2007)

Emma Pollock

Down Low 'Africa' music video

Africa (2007)

Down Low

Asian Kung-Fu Generation 'After Dark' music video

After Dark (2007)

Asian Kung-Fu Generation

Harlequin League 'Again and Again' music video

Again and Again (2007)

Harlequin League

Le man avec les lunettes 'Aging again' music video

Aging again (2007)

Le man avec les lunettes

Wisin & Yandel 'Ahora Es' music video

Ahora Es (2007)

Wisin & Yandel

Lifetime 'Airport Monday Morning' music video

Airport Monday Morning (2007)


CSS 'Alcohol' music video

Alcohol (2007)


Lily Allen 'Alfie' music video

Alfie (2007)

Lily Allen

Enrique Iglesias 'Alguien Soy Yo' music video

Alguien Soy Yo (2007)

Enrique Iglesias

Jimi Blue 'All Alone' music video

All Alone (2007)

Jimi Blue

Flyleaf 'All Around Me' music video

All Around Me (2007)


Nelly Furtado 'All Good Things (Come To An End)' music video

All Good Things (Come To An End) (2007)

Nelly Furtado