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Breakbot 'Be Mine Tonight' music video Be Mine Tonight (2020) Director: Gary Levesque
Production Company: Wizz
Breakbot 'Another You' music video Another You (2018) Director: Olivier Lescot
Breakbot 'My Toy' music video My Toy (2016) Director: AB/CD/CD
Breakbot '2GOOD4ME' music video 2GOOD4ME (2016) Director: Simon Cahn
Breakbot 'Get Lost' music video Get Lost (2015) Director: Dent de Cuir
Production Company: Caviar Content
Breakbot 'You Should Know' music video You Should Know (2013) Director: Gerson Aguerri
Breakbot 'Fantasy' music video Fantasy (2011) Director: Tony Frontal
Production Company: Wanda
Breakbot 'Baby I'm Yours' music video Baby I'm Yours (2010) Director: Irina Dakeva

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