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Cheryl Cole 'Only Human' music video Only Human (2015) Director: Chris Sweeney
Production Company: Good Egg
Cheryl Cole 'I Don't Care' music video I Don't Care (2014) Director: Colin Tilley
Cheryl Cole 'Crazy Stupid Love' music video Crazy Stupid Love (2014) Director: Colin Tilley
Production Company: London Alley Entertainment
Cheryl Cole 'Ghetto Baby' music video Ghetto Baby (2012) Director: Rankin
Cheryl Cole 'Call My Name' music video Call My Name (2012) Director: Anthony Mandler
Production Company: Black Hand Cinema
Cheryl Cole 'Under The Sun' music video Under The Sun (2012) Director: Anthony Mandler
Cheryl Cole 'The Flood' music video The Flood (2010) Director: Sophie Muller
Cheryl Cole 'Promise This' music video Promise This (2010) Director: Sophie Muller
Cheryl Cole 'Parachute' music video Parachute (2010) Director: AlexandLiane
Cheryl Cole '3 Words' music video 3 Words (2009) Director: Saam Farahmand
Cheryl Cole 'Fight For This Love' music video Fight For This Love (2009) Director: Ray Kay

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