Music Videos Released in 2008 (1,538)

Bob Dylan ''Cross the Green Mountain' music video

'Cross the Green Mountain (2008)

Bob Dylan

LIKEHELL '(Sense of Impending) Doom' music video

(Sense of Impending) Doom (2008)


Natasha St-Pier '1, 2, 3' music video

1, 2, 3 (2008)

Natasha St-Pier

Alphabeat '10,000 Nights of Thunder' music video

10,000 Nights of Thunder (2008)


Raphael Saadiq '100 Yard Dash' music video

100 Yard Dash (2008)

Raphael Saadiq

Kristy Lee Cook '15 Minutes Of Shame' music video

15 Minutes Of Shame (2008)

Kristy Lee Cook

Johnossi '18 Karat Gold' music video

18 Karat Gold (2008)


Gyroscope (2) '1981' music video

1981 (2008)


Caesar Palace '1ne' music video

1ne (animated version) (2008)

Caesar Palace

Kate & Ben '2 Herzen' music video

2 Herzen (2008)

Kate & Ben

Jackson United '21st Century Fight Song' music video

21st Century Fight Song (2008)

Jackson United

t.A.T.u. '220' music video

220 (2008)


Amari '30 anni che non ci vediamo' music video

30 anni che non ci vediamo (2008)


Aimee Mann '31 Today' music video

31 Today (2008)

Aimee Mann

Kleerup '3am' music video

3am (2008)


Madonna '4 Minutes' music video

4 Minutes (2008)


Sabaton '40:1' music video

40:1 (2008)


Justin K Broadrick '4am Internal' music video

4am Internal (2008)

Justin K Broadrick

The View '5 Rebbecca's' music video

5 Rebbecca's (2008)

The View

Sue Scrofa '5 Seashells' music video

5 Seashells (2008)

Sue Scrofa

Immanuel Casto '50 Bocca / 100 Amore' music video

50 Bocca / 100 Amore (2008)

Immanuel Casto

The Gaslight Anthem '59 Sound' music video

59 Sound (2008)

The Gaslight Anthem

Sean Garrett '6 In The Morning' music video

6 In The Morning (2008)

Sean Garrett

Miley Cyrus '7 Things' music video

7 Things (2008)

Miley Cyrus

Director: Brett Ratner

Alacranes Musical 'A Cambio De Que' music video

A Cambio De Que (2008)

Alacranes Musical

Misery Signals 'A Certain Death' music video

A Certain Death (2008)

Misery Signals

Seal 'A Change Is Gonna Come' music video

A Change Is Gonna Come (2008)


Ab-Soul 'A Day in the Life' music video

A Day in the Life (2008)


Piebald 'A Friend Of Mine' music video

A Friend Of Mine (2008)


The Fratellis 'A Heady Tale' music video

A Heady Tale (2008)

The Fratellis

Avenged Sevenfold 'A Little Piece Of Heaven' music video

A Little Piece Of Heaven (2008)

Avenged Sevenfold

David Archuleta 'A Little Too Not Over You' music video

A Little Too Not Over You (2008)

David Archuleta

Bruce Springsteen 'A Night With The Jersey Devil' music video

A Night With The Jersey Devil (2008)

Bruce Springsteen

WHY? 'A Sky For Shoeing Horses Under' music video

A Sky For Shoeing Horses Under (2008)


Hey Ocean! 'A Song About California' music video

A Song About California (2008)

Hey Ocean!

Jovanotti 'A te' music video

A te (2008)


Metronomy 'A Thing For Me' music video

A Thing For Me (2008)


Mom?ilo Bajagi? 'A ti se neces vratiti' music video

A ti se neces vratiti (2008)

Mom?ilo Bajagi?

SSION 'A Wolves Eye' music video

A Wolves Eye (2008)


Goldfrapp 'A&E' music video

A&E (2008)


Vampire Weekend 'A-Punk' music video

A-Punk (2008)

Vampire Weekend

K'naan 'ABC's' music video

ABC's (2008)


Caparezza 'Abiura di me' music video

Abiura di me (2008)


The Niro 'About Love and Indifference' music video

About Love and Indifference (2008)

The Niro

Anastacia 'Absolutely Positively' music video

Absolutely Positively (2008)