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Crookers 'I Just Can't' music video I Just Can't (2015) Director: Joe Zohar
Crookers 'Picture This' music video Picture This (2014) Director: Plastic Horse
Crookers 'Able To Maximize' music video Able To Maximize (2014) Director: Plastic Horse
Crookers 'Heavy' music video Heavy (2014) Director: Il Senor Lopez
Production Company: cianomagenta
Crookers 'That Laughing Track' music video That Laughing Track (2012) Directors: Jerome Potter, Johnny Woods
Crookers 'Crookers' music video Crookers (2011) Director: Nicolás Prados
Production Company: 7INCHVIDEOS
Crookers 'Hummus' music video Hummus (2011) Director: Plastic Horse
Crookers 'Remedy' music video Remedy (2010) Director: Paul Kamuf
Crookers 'Festa Festa' music video Festa Festa (2010) Director: Daniele Zennaro
Crookers 'Put Your Hands On Me' music video Put Your Hands On Me (2009) Director: Jonnie Malachi
Production Company: Between The Eyes
Crookers 'No Security' music video No Security (2009) Directors: Mattias Erik Johansson, Henrik Qvarnström

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