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Curren$y 'All Wit My Hands' music video All Wit My Hands (2015)
Curren$y 'Superstar' music video Superstar (2015)
Curren$y 'Boulders' music video Boulders (2015)
Curren$y 'Winning' music video Winning (2015)
Curren$y 'Bottom Of The Bottle' music video Bottom Of The Bottle (2015) Director: Cristopher Schafer
Curren$y 'Drug Prescription' music video Drug Prescription (2014)
Curren$y 'Sunroof' music video Sunroof (2013) Director: John Colombo
Curren$y 'Kingpin' music video Kingpin (2013) Director: CJ Wallis
Curren$y 'Chandelier' music video Chandelier (2012) Director: Brian Petchers
Curren$y 'Biscayne Bay' music video Biscayne Bay (2012)
Curren$y 'WOH' music video WOH (2012) Director: CJ Wallis
Curren$y 'Jet Life' music video Jet Life (2012) Director: Alex Nazari
Curren$y 'Leaving The Dock' music video Leaving The Dock (2012)
Curren$y 'Capitol' music video Capitol (2012)
Curren$y 'Address' music video Address (2010) Directors: Coodie & Chike, Jonah Schwartz
Curren$y 'Michael Knight' music video Michael Knight (2010) Directors: Creative Control, Coodie & Chike
Curren$y 'King Kong' music video King Kong Director: Jonah Schwartz

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