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Dillon Francis 'White Boi' music video White Boi (2018) Director: Allie Avital
Production Company: Partizan
Dillon Francis 'Never Let You Go' music video Never Let You Go (2018) Director: Austin Peters
Dillon Francis 'Say Less' music video Say Less (2017) Director: Tomás Whitmore
Production Company: Diktator
Dillon Francis 'Need You' music video Need You (2016) Director: Jack Wagner
Dillon Francis 'Coming Over' music video Coming Over (2016) Director: Tomás Whitmore
Production Company: Pulse Films
Dillon Francis 'Set Me Free' music video Set Me Free (2015) Director: Dan Streit
Dillon Francis 'All That' music video All That (2015)
Dillon Francis 'Not Butter' music video Not Butter (2015) Director: Brandon Dermer
Dillon Francis 'When We Were Young' music video When We Were Young (2014) Director: Agata Alexander
Production Company: Artists and Derelicts
Dillon Francis 'Get Low' music video Get Low (2014) Director: Tomás Whitmore
Dillon Francis 'Without You' music video Without You (2013) Directors: Tomás Whitmore, Devon Gibbs
Dillon Francis 'Bootleg Fireworks' music video Bootleg Fireworks (2013) Director: MENZ
Dillon Francis 'Masta Blasta (The Rebirth)' music video Masta Blasta (The Rebirth) (2012) Director: Spaghetto
Production Company: Spaghetto Productions

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