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Disclosure 'Lavender' music video Lavender (2020) Director: Harry Israelson
Disclosure 'Birthday' music video Birthday (2020) Director: Kid. Studio
Production Company: HPLA
Disclosure 'Magnets' music video Magnets (2015) Director: Ryan Hope
Production Company: Black Dog Films
Disclosure 'Jaded' music video Jaded (2015) Director: Ryan Hope
Disclosure 'Willing & Able' music video Willing & Able (2015)
Disclosure 'Omen' music video Omen (2015) Director: Ryan Hope
Disclosure 'Omen' music video Omen (2015)
Disclosure 'Holding On' music video Holding On (2015) Director: Ryan Hope
Disclosure 'The Mechanism' music video The Mechanism (2014)
Disclosure 'F For You (Remix)' music video F For You (Remix) (2014) Director: Kate Moross
Disclosure 'Grab Her' music video Grab Her (2014) Director: Emile Sornin
Production Company: DIVISION
Disclosure 'Voices' music video Voices (2013) Director: W.I.Z.
Production Company: Somesuch & Co
Disclosure 'Apollo' music video Apollo (2013)
Disclosure 'You & Me (Flume Remix)' music video You & Me (Flume Remix) (2013) Director: Toby & Pete
Disclosure 'Help Me Lose My Mind' music video Help Me Lose My Mind (2013) Director: Nez
Disclosure 'F For You' music video F For You (2013) Directors: Ben Murray, Ross McDowell, Bullion Collective
Disclosure 'When A Fire Starts To Burn' music video When A Fire Starts To Burn (2013) Director: Bo Mirhosseni
Production Company: Partizan
Disclosure 'You & Me' music video You & Me (2013) Director: Luke Monaghan
Production Company: ROKKIT
Disclosure 'White Noise' music video White Noise (2013) Director: Luke Monaghan
Production Company: ROKKIT
Disclosure 'Latch' music video Latch (2012) Production Company: Bullion Productions
Director: Bullion Collective
Disclosure 'Control' music video Control (2012) Directors: Ben Murray, Ross McDowell
Production Company: Bullion Productions

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