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Dragonette 'Lonely Heart' music video Lonely Heart (2016) Directors: Sammy Rawal, Michael Leblanc
Dragonette 'Let The Night Fall' music video Let The Night Fall (2015) Directors: Justin Broadbent, Vinit Borrison
Dragonette 'Let It Go' music video Let It Go (2013) Director: Drew Lightfoot
Dragonette 'Giddy Up' music video Giddy Up (2013) Director: Jeff Scheven
Dragonette 'Run Run Run' music video Run Run Run (2013) Director: Drew Lightfoot
Production Company: Magnetic Media
Dragonette 'Live In This City' music video Live In This City (2012) Director: Wendy Morgan
Production Companies: Believe Media, Untitled Films
Dragonette 'Easy' music video Easy (2010)
Dragonette 'Pick Up The Phone' music video Pick Up The Phone (2009) Director: Drew Lightfoot
Dragonette 'Fixin To Thrill' music video Fixin To Thrill (2009) Director: Wendy Morgan
Dragonette 'Competition' music video Competition (2008) Director: Jeff Scheven
Dragonette 'I Get Around' music video I Get Around (2007)
Dragonette 'Jesus Doesn't Love Me' music video Jesus Doesn't Love Me (2007) Director: Pablo Ros-Cardona

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