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Flight Facilities 'Arty Boy' music video Arty Boy (2017) Director: Faraz Shariat
Flight Facilities 'Down To Earth' music video Down To Earth (2015) Director: Rhett Wade-Ferrell
Production Companies: Uncle Friendly, Eppich Films
Flight Facilities 'Sunshine' music video Sunshine (2014) Director: Rhett Wade-Ferrell
Flight Facilities 'Two Bodies' music video Two Bodies (2014) Director: Lorin Askill
Flight Facilities 'Stand Still' music video Stand Still (2013) Director: Dave Ma
Flight Facilities 'Clair De Lune' music video Clair De Lune (2012) Director: Dave Ma
Production Company: Revel Pictures
Flight Facilities 'Foreign Language' music video Foreign Language (2011) Director: Dimitri Basil
Co-Director: Laura Gorun
Flight Facilities 'Crave You' music video Crave You (2010) Director: Rhett Wade-Ferrell
Production Company: MOOP JAW

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